Tuesday 27 October 2020

The Many Reasons to Choose Amtico Flooring

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Reading this title, you might be thinking, how many reasons can there be?

Well, when choosing your new flooring you need to be assured that there are enough legitimate reasons on which to base your final decision and Amitco go above and beyond to show you why choosing this product for your home is a lifelong investment. By now, you may have already considered laminate and hardwood but perhaps they’re not quite fulfilling your expectations.

So, you’re in the right place to learn all about Amitco luxury vinyl flooring and why you should choose it over the alternatives.

Cost Friendly

A great starting point when renovating or upgrading your flooring is considering the financial implication. Authentic and natural materials such as wood and stone undoubtedly have the largest price tag in the flooring market, followed by high-quality engineered wood or laminate flooring. These all offer great style but what if there was an alternative that was more cost-effective and durable?

When looking at authentic luxury wood effect flooring options you also need to account for the installation costs and price of repair or replacement should the flooring become damaged or chipped in areas of heavy use. As you can see the original price you pay has the potential to increase and could increase even further based on your installation choice or added extras such as coating or underlay.

Luxury Amtico vinyl planks and tiles present great value when installed by an experienced fitter as they will last for decades. Amtico even comes with a 20 year UK residential guarantee that it will tolerate regular foot traffic and not wear out. 

More Durable

When looking for a product that exceeds your expectations and handles heavy foot traffic, it has to be Amtico. The UK’s number one flooring brand has dedicated years to researching and developing their manufacturing methods to develop a premium product that has a super-tough urethane coating to ensure it is easier to clean and minimises scuffing with wear.

When installed correctly, Amtico’s innovative production methods mean their vinyl flooring comes to your home moisture-resistant, scratchproof and water-tight.

Thanks to Floorbay for the image

All You Need is Amtico

If style is important to you then Amtico is an excellent choice as it is relatively easy to cut with a utility knife and as such, you can create gorgeous and intricate patterns with it. Borders present no issue and if you like the look of parquet flooring but don't want to pay the price, then the look can be created with Amtico.

Amtico flooring can be purchased in a range of styles, colours and textured patterns. The most popular range has to be Amtico Spacia which is known for its excellent burnished timber and tidal stone effects. Even when placed side by side with the natural product, Amtico holds it's own and looks amazing, at a fraction of the price. 

All in all, for many reasons, Amitco is the best choice for your new flooring, just as we promised.



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