Thursday 19 October 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful - Crazy Golf, Pub Grub and Pretty Nails #R2BC

Happy Thursday friends, it's been a couple of weeks since I've joined in with Reasons to be Cheerful, so it is high time to rectify that and I always find the longer I leave it between gratitude posts the harder they are to write. Being thankful is a discipline that really is best practised daily.

I had a look back over last weeks diary and quickly saw there is loads to be thankful for -

We took some our volunteers out for a day in Brighton and we started the day with a game of crazy golf. It was great fun.

My husband had a few odd days off work recently using up his holiday before the year end, so we've been going out for lunch or a coffee and been able to spend time together.

I've met up with a couple of friends recently and had some fabulous conversations and also some great pub grub.

Homemade caramel peanut butter ice-cream - it was so good!

The kids break up for half-term tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a chilled week. My husband and son are away for a long weekend together and my parents are visiting the girls and I. I don't think we’ll get up to much but it will be really nice to have them around.

I've started to think about our holidays for next year. We have nothing booked at the moment and that's really unusual for us, so I'm looking forward to some time surfing the web and seeing what our options are.

This was the end of September, they are properly long now!

And lastly a very silly thing but it makes me smile a lot. My nails are growing loads at the moment and are nice and strong so I've booked for a manicure in early November. Something I last had done in around 2002!

So that's me. Why don't you write a thankful post and link up for Reasons to be Cheerful with Becky at Lakes Single Mum. There are a few of us who link up regularly and its a fabulous group of women, you'd be most welcome. 

Have a great week ahead, Mich x
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