Tuesday 18 July 2017

Celebrating Creativity with BIC Kids

BIC has been a name I've trusted since I was a child. It makes me smile to think back to when I was a young girl and my Dad was the local Unigate milkman, I used to love to go and help him deliver the milk at unearthly times in the morning and then collect the money on a Friday evening. What's that to do with BIC you might be wondering? Well it was all manual systems back then so Dad had a big leather covered book that he kept all his orders and payments in and about once every six months it had to be re-written as it would have run out of space and that was Mums job and the only pen she'd use to do it? You guessed, yes it was a BIC crystal biro. So we always had a stock of them in our house.

We still use BIC biros but nowadays you'd be more likely to see BIC Kids products around my house. One of my 10 year old twins, Miss E wants to be an artist when she is older, it's been her dream for a number of years now and I'm not seeing any signs of it subsiding. Even in her recent school report it was her creative work that she got outstanding marks for her.

So like a good Mum I have to encourage her to keep going and to extend her passion. She has an amazing eye for photography, makes beautiful beaded jewellery, is forever crafting bookmarks and I love her acrylic paintings too. Have a look at this montage of some of the pieces of Miss E's work displayed around our house. I think it is really good for all the kids to see their work on the wall, it helps to give them a sense of pride.

BIC Kids Colouring Range
We were sent three packs of colouring utensils from the BIC Kids range and we've enjoyed using them all -

1. BIC Kids Kid Couleur 12 Pack of felt pens. These have an RRP of £2.99, although I often see them on special price in the supermarkets. these are great felt tip pens that are durable and last a good long time. One feature I really like is that they are easy to wash off the skin and most fabrics without having to scrub too much and thus they are suitable for younger children.

2. BIC Kids Evolution Ecolutions Colouring Pencils. RRP of £2.99 again for a 12 pack and these are really worth it as they have super tough lead inside. I find it so frustrating that cheap pencils break inside and once they have gone on the floor once they are a write-off. Literally with these you can slam them on the floor and they don't break. it is pretty amazing. 

They also have really nice vibrant colours that go on the page well and don't fade. The triangle shaped pencils are easier for small hands to hold properly too and they are recommended for age 2 upwards. It's also good to note they have chew-proof lead and barrel as well as being safe to sharpen as they do not splinter. 

3. BIC Kids Plastidecor Crayons. RRP of £2.99 but I see that all BIC Kids colouring products are on half-price at Wilko at the moment, which is a massive bargain. When I find a bargain like that I normally buy quite a few packs to save for birthday gifts for the girls friends. 
These crayons are Miss E's favourite product that we were sent as it is easy to think crayons are just for toddlers but these have been developed to still appeal to the older child. They are suitable for those over 30 months, are easy to hold and do not rub off on your hands. Miss E loves the vibrant colour these give on her page and again they are very break resistant and easy to sharpen with a regular width pencil sharpener.

These products aren't just fun for little kids though. This week JJ (my near 14 year old) has used them to colour in his sisters birthday cards and I've enjoyed using the felt-tips for my bible devotional too.

Take a look at the BIC Kids website as there is really excellent information on there for parents to help with handwriting development and problems. There is also a safe kids area where your child can choose pictures, cut-outs, masks, activity books and more to print out and enjoy.

BIC Kids Competition with Mumsnet
Have you got a child aged 5 - 11 year who loves drawing? If yes, then get them to hand draw an original image of their choice and post a photograph on the Mumsnet thread (You'll need to be a member), along with their age and your region. (Make sure you keep the artwork as if your child wins, you will need to send in the original).

10 lucky winners will be picked by the BIC® judges (judges will take the entrant’s age, creativity, use of colour and drawing/colouring ability into consideration) and they will all win a £50 BIC® bundle AND a 48-sheet billboard of their winning artwork in their hometown (or nearest town with billboard spaces). One very lucky entrant will also win a £300 Tesco voucher.

Make sure you check out the full details and the terms and conditions of the competition over on Mumsnet. You can also see the other entries on the thread too, which my little artist likes!

Good luck to your child. I hope they have fun being as imaginative as possible! Mich x

Disclosure: I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel. We were provided with the three packs of BIC kids products as well as a Tesco voucher for the purpose of an honest review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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