Tuesday 28 February 2017

One Day I'll get my Lantern Roof

When we moved to East Sussex nearly four years ago we decided the best thing was to sell our house in Hertfordshire. We did this as it gave us the most freedom to do whatever we felt God was calling us to next and I still think it was the right thing to do but in typical Michelle style I do sometimes mourn the loss of that house and all it meant to us.

It wasn't the first home my husband and I had bought together, it was actually the third but it was supposed to be our forever house. It had three bedrooms, was semi-detached and sat on a good sized corner plot on a pleasant tree-lined road. By the time we left eleven years after buying it we had made a good profit and had converted the garage so we had a large fourth bedroom or a playroom depending on our needs.

We had to do lots of renovations and decorating and I can't fail to mention my wonderful Dad who did a lot of it but there was still so much I wanted to do and I'm looking forward to one day moving back into a home that is ours and we can mould to suit our family.

I have this little fantasy in my head of how our home will look. It doesn't have to be particularly big or grand but I do like an open plan downstairs. I think having all the family in one large area that is zoned off for different purposes is really appealing.
There would be the main kitchen area with an island, maybe containing the cooker or maybe it has high stools so the kids can sit there and do their homework, make crafts or just tell me about their day as I cook the family meal. I think breakfast would probably be eaten in this area too as different members of the family leave at different times.

Evening meals are eaten as a family and we'd have a big dining table in a separate area for this purpose. I see this as being a single story extension to the main house and it would be superb if it had a lantern roof to let in extra light and really give the room that special wow factor. Can you see it now, a candlelit dinner for my husband and I cooked by our teenage kids and watching the sun setting on a warm evening through our lantern roof?

It would be like a dream come true. When my husband and I first got together around twenty-two years ago I remember us going to the new Sovereign Marina in Eastbourne and looking around the show home pretending we were interested in buying a house. It was a fabulous three story town house and I’ve never forgotten the kitchen/ family room at the back which had a lantern roof. If I recall rightly this new-build house was selling for around £80K and now when I look at them for sale they are just shy of £500K.

Just think of the profit we could have made if we had bought that house and there’d be so much profit in our bank account that we could easily fit our next home out with a lantern rooffrom Team Frames Trade & Retail. The great thing about lantern roofs is that they have all the benefits of a conservatory – letting in the light, bringing the outdoors in, looking modern and on-trend but are also energy efficient and your room doesn’t get too cold in winter and too hot in summer like many conservatories do.

As well as the dining area they’d also be a family area to relax with sofas, low coffee table and perhaps a TV or desk for me to get on with my work. I like the idea of the kid’s friends being able to come over and relax with them and me being just a stone’s throw away but not directly on top of them, if you know what I mean?

I’ve been having such fun planning my new home space in my mind that I created a Pinterest board with lots of wonderful ideas ready for the future. Looking at what I’ve liked and pined I seem to be swaying between an interior with classy grey tones or a bright colour-pop theme with splashes of colour everywhere. 

No matter as I’m sure I’ve got quite a while to choose, as for now my husband and I are happy in our 17th century stable cottage that comes as part of my husband job and who knows when the time will be right to move on.

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