Thursday 7 July 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful - Desks, Clearing Out and New Opportunities

Good morning friends, I hope you are well today. Welcome to this week’s edition of Reasons to be Cheerful, which is being hosted here for the month of July. A massive thanks to Becky for hosting in June and she’ll be back again for August.

If you are new to this, Reasons to be Cheerful is a super friendly linky party that has been running for around five years now. 
  • We are a small but positive and welcoming community and we’d love to read and comment on any linked up posts. 
  • All you have to do is link something up that is making you feel happy/ cheerful/ positive/ joyful/ thankful. 
  • We are not big into rules but it would be cool if you either add my badge or link back to me so people can find the linky
  • Then comment, comment, comment as we find the love comes back when you give it out. Please don't link dump and run....
For me this week, I have loads I could share but I'll keep it nice and simple with three things -

My girls are turning nine soon and Miss M was desperate for a new desk and chair to help her bedroom become more grown up. She is in the room that was our play/ toy storage room for a couple of years so it needs clearing and updating. Whilst I was away training on Saturday dh (assisted by Miss E) built her new IKEA furniture and she is over the moon with it. I picked up a fab new duvet cover set from Lidl and it is ace quality for just £6.99. When they are away at Cub Camp at the end of the month I am stripping the walls and painting a feature wall for her and then she'll redo all her dog posters (she is dog crazy!).

Talking of clearing out, I have been inspired by some friends who were talking about the Marie Kondo (or konmari) way of decluttering. First I tackled my clothes, then the puzzles and boardgames, then Miss M's room in general and more recently all our paperwork/ guarantees etc. It is very satisfying going into the summer holiday with a clear head. (See those pics above, all those clothes, shoes and bags on my bed are the ones that have now gone).

Then last but not least for this week I attended a training day last Saturday with a Christian charity called TLG, which stands for 'Transforming Lives for Good'. As of September I'm going into a local school (in an area of high levels of deprivation) one day a week for a year to meet with a student who needs an impartial listening ear and someone to be really interested in him/ her. We all know that teachers are far too busy and can't give every child the individual time they need, so for this one child I hope to be able to help them and make a difference. I get to meet my child next Tuesday and I am very excited but also nervous. I'll update on my blog how I am finding being a coach but of course there will be no mention or specifics about my child.

TLG operate across the whole of the UK and where established in Bradford 17 years ago when a group of people in a church cafe managed to help a truant child to feel better about themselves and about attending school again. The Head was so impressed when the child came back to school that she offered 30 more and thus the programme started (I hope I've just retold that correctly, I heard the story at the beginning of the course Saturday and it bought a lump to my throat, I love it when average people make a difference and solutions to issues come about organically!).

That's me for this week, it been a good one! I hope yours has too.

Have a amazing weekend, Be blessed, Mich x

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