Monday 28 September 2015

LEGO Friends - How my girls love you! #LegoFriendsParty

I think Miss E's dreams came true at the weekend. She absolutely loves LEGO and more specifically LEGO Friends. Her bedroom is covered in posters, made up LEGO Friends sets, colouring pictures that she has printed off and junk modelling that she has created to be part of her LEGO world.

If you ask me I'd tell you it is all a bit of a mess and extremely hard to hoover around! If you ask her she will tell you it is a wonderful world and creates hours of fun and imaginative play for her and her sister and when put like that, how can I argue?

Miss E is just following in her brothers footsteps really. He has been crazy about LEGO since he was about 2 or 3 years old and was always building sets way above his age. Now at age 12 he is still creating his LEGO and wasting away a good few hours using his imagination and fine motor skills. I do love LEGO, it is a toy that never dates (some of JJ's LEGO came from my brother, who is now nearly 40) and it rarely breaks or looks old. Yes it might be a bit of an investment to buy a big set initially but when you consider the toy will last around 50 years (or even more) then it really is worth it.

At the weekend the girls and I were invited to go to a LEGO Friends party at LEGOLAND in Windsor and what a lot of fun each of us had. We invited my Mum to join us so we could have a real girlie weekend and after a night at the local Premier Inn and a big (and delicious) breakfast we headed to Legoland for a few hours of fun before the disco party commenced in the Legoland hotel.

Of course as soon as we arrived at Legoland Miss E wanted to head over to the new LEGO Friends area and have a go on the Heartlake City Express train. We had been to Legoland at the beginning of July so the girls were already familiar with the new Heartlake City area and were desperate to try out Mia's Riding Adventure which we had not been on last time!

I do love the styling around the LEGO Friends area, it is so vibrant and fresh and at age 8 the girls are about the right height to cuddle up with the LEGO Friends characters that are dotted all round the area. Of course I also got a bit badgered by both girls who wanted to shop in Heartlake Shopping Mall and take home a new LEGO Friends set to remember their special day.

After our time in Heartlake City we spent an enjoyable few hours across the park, gong on many of the fabulous rides and attractions that we have come to know and love as yearly visitors to Legoland Windsor.

Come 4pm I broke the news to the girls that the real reason we were at Legoland was because they had been invited to a very special LEGO Friends party at the Legoland Hotel. I suspect the whoops of excitement were heard across the other side of the park and I remembered the reason I had no told them this in advance.

Mum and I chuckled away as the girls delighted in being the centre of attention having their false hair pieces put in, a glitter tattoo applied and then running into the photo booth for a quick pose. Back out again for karaoke, dance games and finishing up with a disco run by Fun Kids Radio. It really was the business.

Why were LEGO Friends throwing a party you might be wondering? Well they have some great new sets launched recently and the girls loved playing with the new Pop Stars range. Here is what LEGO say:
"Bring out your inner star and enjoy a taste of the glamorous life of fame with the all NEW LEGO® Friends Pop Star range featuring the newest LEGO® Friends character, sassy but sweet, pink haired pop star, Livi! Each of the five brightly coloured, highly detailed sets come with everything a chart topping pop princess needs as well as the LEGO® Friends’ new BFF, Livi Star, who’s on her grand world tour – last stop Heartlake City!"
Livi really appealed to Miss M with her pink hair as this is something she wants when she is an older girl. She also fancies herself as a bit of a talented dancer and singer, so these new sets really speak to Miss M. Miss E of course just loves LEGO Friends full-stop and she particularly has her eye on the new Heartlake Grand Hotel (rrp £99/99) which has recently launched too.

Being launched in this new range are -
  • Pop Star Tour Bus (rrp £49.99)
  • Pop Star Dressing Room (rrp £24.99) 
  • Pop Star Stage Show (rrp £34.99) 
  • Pop Star Limo (rrp £19.99) 
  • Pop Star Recording Studio (rrp £12.99)
As always these sets look really cool and will provide many hours of enjoyment for my children. Miss E has already asked me if she can have this one....  so I better start saving!

Disclosure: We received complimentary entry to Legoland for the day and an event to this fab party Thanks so much LEGO Friends and Crescendo PR.
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