Wednesday 17 June 2015

Feeling Confident at Night time with DryNites® Pyjama Pants

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DryNites® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every child is unique and they all grow and develop very differently. JJ was taking steps by the time he was 10 months old and Miss E showed no interest in walking until she was nearer 18 months. now of course seven years later and you would have no idea as she is the far more agile and active. It all seems to even itself out in the end but getting there can be a challenge for some children.

There really does not seem to be any logic to how a child grows developmentally either, as like I said JJ walked at 10 months and was chatting away like he was at school at 2 years old but still he was not dry at night for quite some years. Day time potty training him all came easily and he was happy out of nappies in no time at all but cracking it at night is just that bit harder. There is no one reason for delayed bladder control at night but I believe it is inherited and until the child develops the trigger to wake them when their bladder is full they will continue to have accidents. Bed wetting is a perfectly normal part of growing up and affects almost 600,000 children in the UK every year, so no child needs to feel alone and it is always helpful if the parent shares with their child their own experiences.

I remember when JJ was smaller and in the run up to a camp with Beavers or Cubs and he would start to worry that he might wet himself at night and then the camp would be ruined as the other boys could tease him. It was always DryNites® pyjama pants (or bed pants as we called them) that made sure he was happy and could feel fully confident that he would stay dry and fresh smelling.

Of course JJ has been dry now for a very long time and this was never a problem that effected Miss M but Miss E still struggles at times. We can go months without a nighttime accident and then have four or five on the trot and confidence really does seem to be key. My job reassuring her that it is no problem for me to wake and help her in the night goes a long way to her being secure. After an accident she likes to go back to wearing her DryNites pyjama pants the next night and I love that these cute pants give her the peace of mind to fall asleep easily and without fear.

It is all too easy for parents to focus on the achievements and developmental changes that take place during the daytime, things like reading and bike riding but it is so important to encourage high-self esteem at night time too.

Different designs for girls on the left and showing the size difference between the 4-7 and 8-15 year sizes

I've asked Miss E if she is comfortable in her DryNites before and she has always assured me she is and even at the times when she was wetting them every night her skin remained dry and there was never an issue with her privates getting sore as they did when she was in nappies. DryNites come in three different sizes - ages 3-5, 4 - 7 and 8 - 15 and each has age appropriate designs, which make the child feel a lot better about wearing them, coupled with the fact that they are a nice soft material and do not rustle at all, so when siblings or friends are around no-one need know your child has their DryNites pyjama pants on and they should feel happy and ready to enjoy a good nights sleep.

This year DryNites are focusing on inspiring confidence in children both during the day and night with their Confident Kids 24/7 campaign. This campaign aims to provide parents with helpful tools and advice to boost their child’s confidence and overcome challenges such as bed wetting. The DryNites website is definitely worth checking out as there is some super age-appropriate advice there to help you help your child feel really secure and confident. If you've not tried DryNites pyjama pants before then make sure you request your free sample from the website and you will also receive £1 money off coupon to be used on a future purchase. Also, I've always found that every so often the supermarkets do deals on buying DryNites too, so you can stock up for a bargain price. 

I've always been happy to buy DryNites pyjama pants for my children as they have ensured both they and I get a goods night sleep and the kids are comfy and confident wearing them. You can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind. Thank you DryNites!

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