Thursday 9 October 2014

Top picks on Netflix for 7 year old girls #StreamTeam

TV is so different nowadays. I was chatting to my children the other day about how different it is, when I was a child we only had three TV channels and I think there was about an hours children's programs after school, a couple of hours on a Saturday morning and that was it and we were really grateful for that.

Now the kids get home from school and the first thing they want is a snack and a 20/30 minute chill out before we have to do homework, so if the weather is not great the perfect thing to do is to get the loom bands out and watch a bit of easy viewing kids TV.

Miss M can take it or leave it with TV, she would much rather be outside doing cartwheels but Miss E does love it on in the background whilst she does all her crafty type activities.

I asked the girls what their top recommendations would be for other 7 year old girls who want to watch Netflixs and this is what they told me -

iCarly - They absolutely adore this American sitcom and the best thing about it from my point of view is that it is actually quite funny and if I'm in the room I don't mind watching it and chuckling along with the girls at whatever madcap adventures Carly, Sam, Gibby, Freddie and Spencer.

Basically three young friends run a web show together and it is all about the fun they get up to doing that, there is everything you expect from a sitcom, laughter, tears, romance and fun and it is all age appropriate, I've never seen any swearing or acting inappropriately for their age.

There are three seasons on Netflix which will give your kids a ton of viewing!

Next has to be recommended by the girls is Horrid Henry - This is one that my husband likes. I tend to feel a bit sorry for Henry as he gets told off by his parents constantly and often it is due to his suck-up brother. This does give younger kids ideas that you might not want them acting out but I found that by 7 years my girls know it is OK to watch and laugh at some of the things Henry and his friends get up to but not to actually act on them!
Watch out though, have this on too much and you will find yourself singing along to 'nah, nah, nah, nah, nah', it's annoyingly catchy. There are 2 series available on Netflix.

The next two programs they enjoy are pretty similar. There is H20 and Mako Mermaids - Both programs are fantasy based about three mermaids and all the fun they have trying to remain undiscovered when they come on land. There is all the mischief you would expect.

Miss E tells me that she loves The Hive and I see this program is aimed at preschoolers but it seems sweet and has lot of good messages in it and helps youngsters learn to navigate the understand the world we live in. It is an animated adventure about the busy, buzzy bee family.

The girls saw both the recent Smurfs movies and this interested them in watching the original 1981 series that my husband and I used to watch as children their age. I like to sit down and re-watch these and once again see the little blue creatures outwit the evil Gargamel.

There are three seasons on Netflix of Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Adventures and these animated shows are really harmless fun. Strawberry Shortcake and all her best berry friends get up to all sorts and against is another program with good messages and teaching in it.

Great Films Too
As well as the great series on Netflix, there are of course loads of wonderful kids films too and that really suits us when we want a sit down and a snuggle in the early evening. Some of the favourite films they have watched in the last few months have been - A Second Chance, Freaky Friday, Princess Diaries, Tangled, All Stars, Bratz the Movie, Snow Buddies and the Baby Sitters Club.

There really is so much on Netflix and for a subscription of just £6.99 per month I think it is an absolute snip!

Disclosure: I have received a years free membership to Netflix and a free device to become part of the #Streamteam. They have not instructed me what to write and I remain honest, as always. 

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