Friday, 20 December 2013

Just 6 more sleeps to go...

Christmas is drawing ever closer and the children are literally in a frenzy.  I can't believe how excited they are this year but it is beyond any other years I've experienced with them so far.

I don't want to wish the days away but I am so ready for them to calm down. Once they finish school we are off visiting relatives for a few days and then straight back into the organised festivities here in the community we live in.

The other weekend we were really glad to find a local Christmas tree festival to go and visit. Since all the children have been born we have been part of a Christmas tree festival every year, most years submitting a family tree and this was one of our traditions that we feared we might lose. Thankfully it does not have to be so as there is a local festival. It is much smaller and is a combined crib and tree festival and is actually far less commercial and much more true to our faith than our old one used to be, so it is good.

Take a look at some of the fabulous submissions in the festival -

Do you have any Christmas tree festivals local to you? The idea does seem to be taking off now.

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