Thursday 27 December 2012

A simple Christmas #R2BC (Week 52)

Happy Christmas one and all, this is the last Reasons to be Cheerful of the year, this linky has now been running a full two years and I am pondering its future - is it here or elsewhere?  We will see, I know there will be lots of changes a foot in 2013 but I'm not entirely sure what they all are yet.

I don't think there is anything else I could make my #R2BC about this week, it is Boxing Day evening as I write this and I am pleased to have a bit of calm and some downtime.

Here is what I have been thankful for this Christmas -

1.  Getting to spend time with my husband, children, parents, brother and Nan. No frills, just simple conversations, board games, craft, food enjoyed together and hugs on the sofa.

2.  All my family being well over Christmas, normally at least one of the kids gets ill but no so far. It is also a blessing that my Nan is still with us, she went into a hospice back in October and is the only person I have ever known to get well enough to come out again.  Yes she is bedridden and has terminal cancer but boy is she fighting!

3.  Christmas day had a purpose, as well as being fun. Dh cooked food for our church dinner and I ferried it back and forth and helped to set up/ serve.  We also had one little lad come over our house to play for a few hours and I think this made his day.  We were both exhasted by the end of the day but lots of people who would have been lonely got to spend time together and that is what counts.

4.  I got Mum to myself for a couple of hours on Boxing day to go to the sales and enjoy a nice cappuccino together. The bonus was that I managed to buy some really lovely goodies, Next leather shoes for £14, a beautiful leather purse (I won't say the price of that one) and a couple of pretty vest tops for just £3.50 each as well as a gorgeous crystal hair accessory, annuals for the kids some nail varnish - result!

5.  The girls had the best time playing beauty boutiques with Mummy.  I spent £3 in the cheap shop last week and bought a set of brushes, eye shadow and lip gloss for the express purpose of having a play together. We made each others faces up, did our nails and they did my hair - there was giggles all round.

6.  There is still loads of time before we have to go back to work/ school. Lots of chilled days at home with games, movies and crafts.

Over to you...

So that was us, how was it all for you?  I hope you had a great time. If you fancy, write a post about what has made you cheerful/ grateful/ happy and link it up.  Then we can all go visit each other and leave some comment love.  I'm not expecting there to be many this week to be honest, but you just never know....

I hope to catch you soon but if not I wish you a very happy New year!

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