Saturday 3 November 2012

Design the new pig for NatWest - #PidsByKids Children's competition

Yesterday we had a fun afternoon crafting. Luckily my kids like to get the glue (and particularly the glitter glue) out and even more luckily I can stomach the mess!

The aim of today was to design a pig each so they could be entered for the NatWest Pigs by Kids competition. As a child I practically begged my parents to change my bank over from Midland to NatWest when the china pigs were launched nearly 30 years ago but sadly it never happened and I could only of dreamed of having the £100 that was necessary to get the final Sir Nathaniel pig. Of course these Wade made pigs are now collectors items and sell for a lot of money.

You never know I might be able to go one better this time and have the piggy creation of one of my children made into the new iconic NatWest pig.  If you have a child aged up to 13 years they can create a pig and you can upload it to the internet for them by 12 noon on 11th November 2012 and you never know.  Three finalists will be chosen by the judges and then there will be voting by the public on the NatWest Pigs by Kids microsite.  The winners design will be made into the new NatWest pig which will be given out to children who open a bank account during 2013. The aim of course, is to help kids to start to save and this is a super thing and very much in line with my values.

Here are the pigs that my girls created and have entered to the competition -

Miss E's creation, she is my artistic one and loves to draw and make
Miss M in the process of creating hr 'Scarlet Pig', for someone who is normally not interested
in crafting I am seriously impressed.

Take a peek at this video, which explains all -

Full terms and conditions for the competition can be read on the NatWest site.

Disclaimer: This is an advertising promotion for NatWest. We were provided with a beautiful craft kit so that the children could create a pig themselves.

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