Monday 5 July 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude.....

Some days we all ought to stop! We should think! and we should reflect! then we should remind ourselves how blessed we are.

So for today I am cultivating an attitude of gratitude. I choose to be positive and I choose to see the best in everyone and everything.

Here is my gratitude list from the time I woke up this morning to now as I slink off to bed.

  • that I woke at 6.55am, a lie in from my normal 6.15am but still enough time to do what was needed and to leave the house by 7.45am
  • that I had a nice invigorating shower to wake up and felt comfortable in my clothes
  • that dh stripped JJ's sheets off when he had a little 'accident'
  • that the kids got dressed with the minimum of fuss this morning
  • that dh emptied and re-stacked the dishwasher before leaving for work
  • that I got a nice kiss from everyone as they went off to school, work and nursery
  • that the sun was shining and the rain stayed away
  • that I have a car and was able to drive to work
  • that everyone was smiling when I arrived to work, early!
  • that I enjoyed my breakfast
  • that the training course that I was running went well
  • that my mother in law picked up JJ from school
  • that my mother in law hung out the washing and did the washing up whilst I was at work
  • that JJ enjoyed his day at school
  • that the girls behaved at nursery and napped and ate well
  • that all my kids were really pleased to see me when I arrived to them
  • that I enjoyed my tea
  • that my house was still tidy when I arrived home
  • that I had fun reading the girls their bedtime story
  • that JJ and I spent time together wrapping all the girls birthday gifts
  • that the garage is nearly clear and ready for transformation
  • that I got a little bit of time on the PC to catch up
  • and lastly that I can now go to bed and sleep......

Have a go yourself, walk through your day in your mind and remind yourself that you are blessed. Have you ever read the book or watched the film - Polyanna? She plays the 'glad' game and is glad for everything, taking a positive slant on even the worst things and believe me this can get you through many tough times

This clip is from a re-make of the orginal film - enjoy!

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