Sunday 14 February 2010

Notes from the Heart....

Yesterday I mentioned Kat and her great Dear So and So posts. I thought I would try my own:

Dear Beautiful Twinnies,

Mummy is so happy that you have taken to potty training and that we have now been about a week without any accidents outside of the house. You are such clever little girls.

Keep it up, love you Mummy xxx

Dear Miss M,

I love you, I adore you but sometimes you make me so mad. Please will you stop testing my patience and throwing yourself to the floor when you do not get your way. It is embarrassing to have to carry you round the shops by your reigns and look like the recipient of a bad mother award!

Your Exhausted and frazzled Mum

Dear dh,

I am really looking forward to starting our course tomorrow night. It will be great to spend some 'us time' together and I am secretly hoping all this talking and sharing might lead to some post course cuddles, *wink wink!*

Love you babe, Mich x

Right Little Man,

You need to listen to your Mummy (and teacher) more! You are so intelligent and high maintenance that I just can not keep up with your demands for attention. I have no idea how to discipline you any more, it is not as if you get away with murder. What do I need to do to get you to listen and calm down?

Your Mummy (who will always love you no matter what!) xxx

Dear Sun Holidays,

You are really sh**e and I am never booking with you again.

Goodbye, disgruntled customer

Dear Table, Table Restaurant,

We had a fab meal earlier and the girl serving us was great but why did it take you 20 minutes to take my money when we had two tired 2 year olds causing mayhem? Have you ever wondered why you do not get any tips???

Yours sincerely, Customer with the full belly

Colleagues at work,

Ha, Ha I am off all this week. Ner ner ner ner!

From your childish Team Leader!

Dear Weather,

We are planning a family day to London at the end of this week. Could you please play ball and keep the snow and rain away.

I am so over the snow! Michelle
Dear Mr Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco et al,

Please, please could you stop stocking ALL yummy food. I have a problem with food and need to stop eating it (well not all of it, but the useless calories) and your shelves keep whispering sweet nothings at me is not what I need

From the Fat Pig in Herts
Dear Readers,

It is such a pleasure getting to know you.

Grateful, Mummy from the Heart.....
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