Who am I?


So glad you stopped by to find out a little more about who Mummy from the Heart is - I'm Michelle or Mich for short and I live in East Sussex with my family.

Having just read articles for the last hour or so about what an ‘about me’ page should look like, I've discovered that I should make myself look interesting, dynamic and appealing. I'll be honest, if I try to make myself sound all polished and glam, I am pretty sure I'll fail abysmally. So I will do this my way, the way I do most things - just as me and from the heart.

I'm currently enjoying staying home and looking after my family, volunteering for a number of charities, being a digital activist and also doing some paid writing and social media work. Up until June 2013 I was a Development Facilitator (or Trainer to the uninitiated) at a large University. In the past I have worked as many things including Recruitment Manager, HR Manager, Hotel Manager and I've gained a ton of qualifications along the way but my MA in Human Resources will never quite gain the soft spot in my heart that my Pitmans 50 words a minute typing qualification did in the early days!

Successful UK Parenting/ Lifestyle/ Travel/ Faith blogger
Then somehow I have also managed to establish myself as a successful blogger too, writing about parenting, travel, days out, family life, battles with my weight, Christianity, positivity and blogging. In March 2013, 2014 and 2015 Cision named me as one of their top 10 Mummy Bloggers in the UK. I've also maintained a top 100 placing in the Tots100 for the last 5 or 6 years and since April 2015 I've been placed at number 1 in the Teads Faith blogs ranking (which sadly stopped in 2018). 

Between 2011 and now I've been shortlisted and a finalist in both the MAD blog awards and the BritMums Brilliance in blogging awards quite a number of times in the family life, inspire and commentary categories. I also gained an award from the MAD blog awards in 2013 for making an outstanding contribution to the blogging community. In 2015 I was a finalist in the Christian Digital Media awards in the Most Inspiring Leadership blog category and in 2016 I was a finalist for Blogger of the year and Up and Coming blog for my faith blog - Progress Not Perfection.

Over the last few years I've been a speaker at BritMums Live a number of times, travelled to Ethiopia with ONE, to Belarus with Operation Christmas Child and to Washington DC with ONE for the #AYASummit.  Blogging really does open some seriously massive doors and I am loving helping some of my favourite causes where I can.

I've also written for BritMums, World Moms Network, The Huffington Post and Ashburnham Place over the last few years.

What makes me different?
Mummy from the Heart was born in 2008 and my USP is my honesty.  I tend to be known as a blogger who will tell it as it is (but with a smile) and I'm generally a positive, glass half-full kind of girl. I love the thought that my hardest times are an encouragement to others and that means I blog the good, the bad and the darn right ugly too! I have an established readership and I am happy to work with brands that fit with my lifestyle and beliefs.

I love life and enjoy keeping it simple.  Time with my family, friends and God are what make me happiest. (Ohh and a spot of blogging/ tweeting too!) Three not-so-small people call me Mum, JJ who is 19 and now a fully-fledged adult, and Miss M and Miss E, my 15-year-old twinnies - chalk and cheese, they could not be more different.  

I've been married for 20 years and been with my Husband (or dh as he is called on here) since 1994, so really we have grown up together, going through lots but coming out stronger and now I could never imagine being without him. I love our little family unit of five.

I am very much imperfect and this blog tells my journey through life.... Come join me!

Be blessed, Mich x

You can also find me on twitter and most other social media as @MichelleTwinMum

or email me on michelledpannell22@gmail.com

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