Tuesday 10 November 2020

Great Advent Calendar Suggestions for Teens in 2020

Check out these 10 ideas for advent calendars, and not a chocolate in sight. All priced under £31.

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Advent has always been a favourite time for me and my family, and as Christians, we try to make it special with a proper count-down to Christmas day. When the children were younger it was all about taking part in our Christmas family traditions like attending a Christingle service, making festive biscuits and reading the story of Jesus' birth.

Nowadays, the kids are more interested in having an exciting advent calendar and writing a list of the goodies they'd like for Christmas gifts. So this year I've been putting some ideas together for Advent calendars they might like but ones that won't break the bank. I'd love to buy them gorgeous branded beauty or perfume calendars but I don't have hundreds of pounds spare, so here are some good options and they all come in under £31.

MAD Beauty - 24 Day Beauty Calendar - £19.99

I think this calendar looks stylish and the design will appeal to a teen. It is also good that it has 24 little goodies inside (instead fot he 12 that many are doing now) and actually for the money it costs the majority of them are pretty good. I liked the little eye shadows, lip glosses and nail polishes in particular. The brushes were a bit rubbish what then at under £1 for each item, what do I expect? 

Overall I think this is a winner with small items to take in your tiny handbag for a night out and I think it would work for tweens too, as an introduction to make-up. In fact the Christmas nail stickers do make me think of it being most suitable for a younger girl. 

You can buy this (#ad) MAD Beauty calendar on Amazon for £20.95 including delivery

Check out these 10 ideas for advent calendars, and not a chocolate in sight. All priced under £31.

MAD Beauty - 12 Days of Xmas Bath & Beauty - £12.99

I love this little calendar, it might only be 12 days but it looks a great size and as if it is a premium product. I know one of my daughters will be thrilled with this, and the colours really fit with what is trendy right now. The 12 numbered boxes are each different and come in a clear outer. Inside then boxes you have a selection of travel size products - body wash, body lotion, nail files, bath salts, lip balm etc

By from MAD Beauty for £12.99

Check out these 10 ideas for advent calendars, and not a chocolate in sight. All priced under £31.

Pringles 12 Days of Sharing Calendar - £12.99

If you have a Pringles fan in the house then this is perfect, you get 4 small tubs of Original, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion and Salt & Vinegar. The person I am gifting this to doesn't like one of the flavours so it was good I was able to open one end and slip the tray out to fill those slots with other flavours that she does like.

The best value for this at the moment is on Groupon for £12.99 or I bought mine from (#ad) Amazon for £15.43.

Check out these 10 ideas for advent calendars, and not a chocolate in sight. All priced under £31.

Acts of Kindness Calendar from I Do Handmade - £16

If you have a crafty tween or teen, why not get them to make their own acts of kindness calendar, or you could create it for them, so the acts in each day are a surprise. In the kit you get everything you need to create 24 little envelopes to hang by cute little wooden pegs onto a rustic string. It comes with easy to understand instructions, and some embellishments like burlap, fabric, ribbons and washi tape to make your calendar truly perosnalised. 

You have a choice of number styles and of kindness acts to add into your envelope, some themed around kids, other adults and even some to pamper yourself 

Check out these 10 ideas for advent calendars, and not a chocolate in sight. All priced under £31.

You can buy the Act of Kindess avdnt calendar on I do Handmade and if you enter Michelle15 at the checkout, you'll get 15% off too!

Jewellery Advent Calendar - £21.99

This fab calendar has 24 pieces of jewellery in it and of course these aren't going to last you forever, but they'll certainly last longer than chocolate. The Christmas earrings are super cute and will be great for Christmas parties and school dress down days. You also receive rings, necklaces and loads of tiny but cute earrings that your daughter could get away with at school.

Available from (#ad) Amazon

Coffee Lovers Advent Calendar - from £19.99

I've bought my son the 12 days version of this and I know he will love it as he is a real coffee conasseuir. Of course this is only a calendar for the older teens as you don't want to give caffeine to those younger ones. With this you get 12 or 24 individual coffee bags, which a different blend from various countries. It is super simple to brew in the bag and then has a little spout for pouring. Eahb bag makes two cups and I'm looking forward to trying some of these out with my son.

You can purchase on (#ad) Amazon over here.

24 Page Advent Coluring Calendar - £6.45

Something a little different for the teen who enjoys a bit of mindful colouring, this book has 24 numbered pages for them to colour one a day and to enjoy the countdown. I think this is a great idea and good value, I'd like to do one of these myself. 

Available on (#sp) Amazon 

Draper 19777 Advent Calendar - £30.49

I love this idea for a youngster who is interested in DIY. They can build up their own mini tool kit with genuine Draper tools. The calendar includes a measuring tape, adjustable wrench, a selection of pliers, hexagon keys and a ¼” hex magnetic screwdriver with 31 different insert bits – all contained in a sturdy case to keep everything safe and organised. 

You can buy this on (#ad) Amazon

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar - £24.99

Every candle fan loves Yankee, as their candles and tea lights burn really evenly and without smoke. In this calendar you get 24 tea lights of various scents (with an 8 hour burn time each) and a holder. If you want a cheaper option, then check out candle calendars by Wickford & Co or PureAir.
Have a look on (#ad) Amazon for a candle advent calendar

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar - £19.99

There are so many LEGO fans, not tok mention Harry Potter fans so I think this advent calendar will be a hit with many. It would be tempting to think that LEGO is just for younger kids but these items are collectable and there are loads of people who still buy them as adults. You'll receive 6 LEGO minifigs and many items that are well-known from the movies/ books. 

I hope these calendars have given you some inspiration and opened your eyes to all the different ones that are available nowadays. Basically, I'd say just have a think about what your teen really likes and google, You can find advent calendars filled with almost anything - socks, cheese, bobbleheads, hair scrunchies - you name it, it is probably out there!

And if it isn't, then why not make them a calendar. One of my girls loves Lush bath bombs and products but I couldn't afford their £75 for 12 days of Christmas product, so I've bought some stripy paper bags from eBay, printed some red numbers and got a few Lush bath bombs, along with some others from cheaper places and she'll have a wonderful lucky dip advent calendar that I am sure she'll love and it won't have cost me more than about £25. A great saving, I am sure you'll agree. 

The lead up to Christmas can be so much fun, so why not get an advent calendar to mark it?

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Check out these 10 ideas for advent calendars, and not a chocolate in sight. All priced under £31.