Tuesday 22 November 2011

Saintly of Course!

I have been tagged by two lovely new bloggers, From Fun to Mum and Boo, Roo and Tigger too to take part in the 'Where do you Blog Meme'. The idea is that I am supposed to reveal a bit about myself in showing you where I blog and then you will know if I am Saintly or Slatternly (It's a real word, new to me!). So anyone who knows me will know I am bit OCD and I like things to be just so. I have learnt to relax and to realise that kids will make a mess but once they are in bed, how I love it to be tidy and just so.

So I give you my saintly sofa....  the blogging destination of choice.  That or the dining room table, where I am sat right now as the kids do craft or even occasionally in bed whilst watching TV.

Laptop, remote and sofa with pillow - it is all I need!  Ohh and the odd cup of tea every now and then. I'll show you the other side of the room (in the day when the kids are up, hence the bits of mess on the floor in the dining room and teddies on the other sofa!) just so you can see that the room is not as bare or minimalist as it looks in that first photo.

From Fun to Mum also asked the question of why we blog and I have a feeling I have probably posted on this before, so I'll dig back in some old posts and share this Gallery post with you, My Blog is..... That tells you about what my blog is and I know it is a tad different to most people's reasons for blogging!  What am I here for if it is not to glorify God in all I do? and I'll also share my 'Short 'n' Tweet' Journey of a Blog post which takes you from the first press of publish on 10th February 2008 to August 2011.