Saturday 18 April 2009

Twin love

It is the little things that often make me smile, especially when it comes to my kids.

This morning when I got up I gave the girls their drink of milk and left them to drink it and wake up in their cots. They have a book each and the music on, it just gives me enough time to shower etc.

I could hear M singing baa baa black sheep, well as good as a 21 month old can - it was cute! What was so much cuter was upon finishing E gave her a clap and shouted 'more, more'. If she can demand encores at that age, I think she could be a real star one day! lol

In general they are loving each other alot more nowadays. M especially loves E and will take any opportunity to give her a hug or kiss and very often knocks her to the floor and hurts her! Perhaps that is why E is not so fussed.

They have both developed a little habit of stroking the other one when they are crying. They also do it to JJ as well and it has a wonderful effect of knocking JJ out of a self-indulgent cry because he can not get his own way.