Friday 17 April 2009

The weight issue

I weighed this morning and was pleased to see I have lost 5lb since being back from Spring Harvest, so that is 5lb in 4 days. It just shows what a difference it makes not having a cooked breakfast and a pudding after each dinner.

A and I have made a decision to stop all meals out and take aways in a bid to stop our fixation which food and where the next meal is coming from. I realise this is an emotional problem for me and I need to stop using food as my fix, in the same way an alcoholic does. I can take or leave alcohol but food is another matter. The problem is I can not go cold turkey and just give up the food as I always have to eat to survive. So I will try and change my mindset to allow for food to be a necessity rather than an obsession.

Easier said than done - the journey continues.........