Thursday 13 January 2022

4 bucket list ideas for 2022

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{This is a collaborative post}

Another year has rolled around.

And while the previous two have been distinctly more… unique than those that came before them, the uncertainty for many has only renewed our desire to push ourselves that little bit further and expect more out of life.

So it’s no surprise that as New Year rolls around we’re more motivated than ever to cross a few items off our bucket lists and level up our ambitions when it comes to those annual resolutions. With that in mind, these are just four of the most common bucket list entries – how many are on yours?  

1. Renovate your home

Maybe your home is full of odd jobs that you’ve been putting off since the day you moved in. Or perhaps the DIY renovations you began in lockdown have fallen by the wayside, and still need that final push to finish them off.

Take it one room – or even one task – at a time. Draw up a list of priorities and work through them as and when you’re ready. Resolutions don’t have to be done all at once – turn it into a long-term and sustainable project, I'm certainly going to. The bathroom is the first on the hit-list as I need to clean up the grout, or maybe even dig it all out and re-grout it as it can make such a difference to how fresh the room looks. 

2. Travel more

Travelling doesn’t have to mean forking out for expensive holidays – day trips and weekends away can be just as special, particularly if you have a family.

These are opportunities to make precious memories, take photos they’ll cringe at when they’re older, and discover more about the country you live in. The UK has many great destinations for family trips, including Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, Lake Windemere and the city of Edinburgh. 

We've certainly taken advantage of being stuck in the UK over the last year or two and you really can find some absolute gems on your doorstep, like Herstmonceux Castle just 15 minutes from our front door and the ancient City of York

3. Move house

If the renovations just aren’t cutting it and you’re desperate for a change of scene, maybe a house move is on the cards for you this year.

Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a neighbourhood just that bit nicer than the one you’re in now. Or maybe you’re looking to move further afield due to a change of career.

If you’re an adventurer at heart, you might even have your eye on a move abroad. Places like Portugal have become hugely popular with British expats in Europe, and it’s easy to see why with stunning homes from the likes of Property Lisbon.

Whether you’re looking at international adventures or something closer to home, moving house is fantastic opportunity for a fresh start and a whole new project to immerse yourself in.

4. Learn something new

Learning new skills is something we seldom find the time for as adults. But education is an enriching activity and one which can boost our self-esteem and give us a healthy outlet for stress, as well as improving our personal skills.

Whether you’ve always wanted to take up a creative hobby like writing or drawing, or dream of learning another language, the internet is the perfect place to pick up just about any skill. Explore online courses from the likes of Masterclass, or check out free resources on YouTube for beginner’s introductions.

These are just four ideas for your 2022 bucket list. Go on, tell me, what do you have on yours?

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