Saturday 30 October 2021

Welcome Autumn - A great Reason to be Cheerful

I love Autumn as a season, not as much as Spring but it is certainly so much better than Winter. I think it is so important to stop and enjoy nature and the world around us. This morning I dropped one of my daughters off at her friends and came back home. As I drove back to my house I passed this gorgeous bush that is bright orange and each day I see it and it reminds me of flames. Today it also reminded me to go for a walk even though it had been raining heavily all morning and then started raining on me again as I wandered around. No matter, when you live in 220 acres of glorious East Sussex countryside, you should definitely enjoy it most days! It is a big reason to be cheerful!

I'm normally very planned in my activities but I thought it was important to seize the moment and grab some photos and a bit of exercise whilst I could. I also sat down for a bit and prayed and pondered as the sun shone upon me. 

It's amazing when you slow down and start to look around you. In the picture above you can see the tree on the left and I had no idea it had red leaves. How crazy is that? I have lived here for over eight years and I've never spotted it before. I know that every spring it has the most amazing white pom, pom flowers but I seem to have missed the Autumn change to red. 

Life has been really crazy for me recently, I've been struggling to stay in the moment and to remain calm and orientated, but getting outdoors and breathing in the fresh air, the nature smells and really looking is making a difference. 

I saw a tree the other day with just a few leaves still on the branches and it reminded me of myself. I feel like I have been a leaf grabbing hold of my branch and scared to fall off but I had a real sense of peace that I was just supposed to allow the wind to catch me and if it was the time for me to fall from the tree, then so be it. 

I have God on my side and He wants the best for me. I need to take my eyes off the problems that are happening in my life right now and instead focus on God. He never changes and He'll never let me down.

I hope you're enjoying Autumn friends and getting outside and seeing what nature has in store right now. 

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