Sunday 11 July 2021

Early Summer Reasons to be Cheerful

Hey friends, it feels like a while since I last wrote a reasons to be cheerful post and shared all the little joyful things that have been going on in my life. In fact, I just checked and it was 24th May, so that's about seven weeks ago and it's no reflection is what has been going on. Life has been good, but it has also been busy and I haven't had the time to focus on writing a post just because I love to share and because being grateful really fills my heart and lifts my mood. 

I can't possibly write about all the good things that have happened in the last seven weeks, so here are just a few -

1.  Having a great time at church - we went this morning and it was fabulous, with a really good sermon, superb lively worship and some guest missionaries who are back from Chad currently. We only joined this church about 9 months before Covid hit, so we still feel quite new, but getting to know people and getting involved in serving as part of church life is great.

2.  A couple of days with my mum - earlier this week I went to stay with my parents and then Mum and I had a night at a hotel too. We visited Kew Gardens for the first time and spent loads of time walking, chatting, shopping and eating. It was so good!

3.  Time with the kids - I've been lucky enough in the last few weeks to have some quality time individually with each of my kids. We've been shopping, out for a walk, dined out and been to see In the Heights at the cinema. What a fab film that is!

4.  My little furry friend. I do love my little cat now, which is still a surprise to me, as I've never been a cat person, but he turned up three years ago and decided he wanted to live with us and he is fab company. I'm sure he loves me best and he'll happily accompany me on an evening walk around the lake which makes me, and anyone I bump into smile. 

5.  Great social times with our church family. We're lucky enough to live on the grounds of a conference centre and we have 220 acres to enjoy, so it has been great a couple of times this month to have lots of church families over to enjoy the grounds, a walk, BBQ, swimming and games. 

6.  My son is getting treatment for his psoriasis. I'm so pleased that he is being assessed for biologics, these are a treatment that could make the world of difference to him and will hopefully clear his skin and mean he will be willing to wear short sleeves again and to do more things, just like a teenage lad should. 

7. My Friday ladies group. I've started to go to a small ladies group on a Friday afternoon and it has been so very lovely. There are only a few of us and we are getting to know each other well and chewing over some important issues.

8.  Summer is almost here. The kids all break up from school soon, there are lots going on at our home and we are off to Worthing (yes, I know, such a long way) for a holiday with my parents and brother soon, I can't wait!

9.  Booked in for Spring Harvest. We're feeling hopeful that our regular Christian holiday that takes place at Butlins at Easter will go ahead next year. I've missed these few days the last couple of years and it will be amazing to be back praising the Lord amongst thousands of other Christians. 

I quite like the idea of leaving this list at number 9, it feels a bit naughty, not making it to a round number 10! You can tell me life is a quiet and sane one, can't you?? lol

Now over to you, what is making you grateful, thankful and happy right now? It is such a good practice to record the things you're grateful for. I'm back to writing in a daily journal and whilst I do not quite make it every day, it is good to do it most days.

Happy Sunday friends! Mich x

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