Monday 12 July 2021

6 Occasions when a Delightful Sweet Gift is the Perfect Answer

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{This is a collaborative post} 

It's not always easy to decide what you should send to someone when they are celebrating a special occasion, or even if they are having a hard time, but sweet treats are an easy solution and these delightful sweet gifts will be welcomed by most people. Here are a few ideas of wonderful sweet treats that make perfect gifts -

1.  Graduating High School

Many young people are finding that there is no prom this year as the Covid restrictions are still making things tricky, so why not treat your child and their friends to their own graduation party in your garden and have them enjoy a bumper sweet hamper as part of their fun. I can just see the display now with the sweet hamper as the central focus. Why not use it as a backdrop to a photobooth style area, with fun props for use when taking silly selfies with their mates. You can also make some gradation certificates and even give them a little trophy or medal each for surviving schooling during Covid!

My recommendation would be for a Sweet Hamper Company Huge, Huge XXL Sweet Hamper, which is £69.50 and contains over 70 different kinds of sweets, so they'll be something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what their taste. There are retro sweets, old-fashioned sweets and more modern brands so, a really classy and balanced mix of sweets.

Or if you want more variety, you can go for the Huge XL Sweet and chocolate hamper for more variety in the contents of the classy wicker basket. This hamper would cost you £64.50.

2.  To celebrate a new Job

It is a joyous time when someone you love secures a new job that they have been working hard towards. You, of course, want to celebrate with them and flowers are a traditional response to send as a way of congratulating them. But some people don't like flowers or suffer from allergies/ hayfever and therefore something a little different is required. 

How about a Retro Sweets Bouquet? Each hamper is hand-packed in the UK with love and attention to detail. You'll receive around 29 different sweets and there is loads of variety to keep you interested and reminiscing about the good times when you were younger and could buy these sweets after school. The bouquet is a reasonable £23.50 and you can personalise the front of the bouquet with the name and occasion of your choosing. 

3.  For a First Birthday Party

There is nothing sweeter than a cute little baby and therefore it is perfect for the guests (let me clarify, the adult guests) at this party to be able to enjoy a little indulgence and some sweet treats. Why not choose a classic Large Sweet Hamper for £29.50. It is s a bestseller and sure to be a hit with anyone who has a sweet tooth. Containing 25 varieties of the UK's favourite sweets, you'll have something to suit everyone.

Photo by Douglas J S Moreira on Unsplash

4.  When they've had bad news

There are always times when a friend or loved one has some bad news and your heart goes out to them. You just want to turn up at their door and give them a hug but it's not always possible, so how about sending them a sweet box gift? 

You don't have to spend loads of money to show someone that you care and are thinking of them. The Letterbox Sweet Box is perfect as you can send it and no one has to be home to receive the parcel. Your friend will just come home and their hug in a box will be waiting on the doormat for them. This letterbox sweet gift costs just £8.50 and comes with 8 different sweets in it to help your friend beat the blues and smile again. 

5.  For a milestone birthday

It won't be that long until it is my 50th birthday and it's the same for all of us born in the 1970s. Or those born in the 1980s who are hitting the 40 milestone. I think a sweet hamper that reflects the decade you were born in or grew up in is such a good way to mark your milestone birthday.

I'm considering getting my husband the 1970s Sweet Hamper as a trip down memory lane. I know he loved those candy whistles when he was a boy and they bring back happy memories, and the double dip and drumstick lollies take me right back to after-school times when my mum gave me a few pennies to spend in the sweet shop. This hamper is £29.50 and is packed with old school and retro sweets to be enjoyed and shared. 

6.  For the school birthday party

It's not always easy to know what to buy when your child gets invited to a birthday party just after they have started school or by a new kid. You have no idea what they already have or what they like but you want to get something they'll enjoy and help your child to be accepted. 

I think these Personalised Kids Sweet Jars are the perfect solution. There is a nice variety of sweets in them, the cost is reasonable and even if the child doesn't like a particular sweet, someone in their family is bound to. They can also keep the personalised jar and use it for storing other items long term. All this for just £10.50.

Why not check out the Sweet Hamper Company, they have a fabulous variety of sweet boxes and hampers to suit all pockets and all tastes? There are vegetarian and vegan sweet hampers available too, so you can cater to most people. I am convinced that delightful sweet gifts are the perfect answer when you are unsure what gift to buy. 

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