Friday 8 November 2019

Thinking of Starting your own Blog? Check out my Top Tips for Success

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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Have you ever thought about starting your very own blog? It’s hard work…but incredibly rewarding. You might not want your blog to be found and read by others, you might prefer it to be a private online diary, or maybe you have an opinion that you’re desperate to share, or you have some advice that you know others will find helpful. No matter what your motivation for starting a blog is, it’s a wonderful creative outlet that is ideal for personal growth and for building your confidence!

Starting a blog is a great idea, but have you wondered what you might need to make it a success? 

Check out my 4 top tips for blogging success below.

You need the right tools

Of course you’re going to need a laptop and access to the internet but having a good set of writing tools at your disposal will also help you through the blogging process. For example, if you’re referencing someone else’s work or maybe a newspaper article then help with citations and referencing will be a huge help. Scribbr provides apa citation guidelines and advice on their website. Investing in proofreading software, as well as a programme that will help you with spelling, grammar and clarity will also prove useful. It will also help you improve your work.

Find your niche

You don’t always have to have a niche to make your blog enjoyable, however, having one will help you to gather a bit of a following and build on your blog subscribers. If you offer information on a range of different topics then some readers might dip in and out of your work rather than returning week after week for a new insight on one specific topic that interests them. If you have a unique perspective of a particular topic or varying degrees of experiences and advice from it all, then, by all means, go for it! Parenting, minimal lifestyles, health and fitness, eco-living, veganism, sport, travel – all are popular niches. Try to find yours!

Manage your time

Any blogger – including myself – will tell you that blogging takes time. From deciding on an article topic, to researching, writing, editing, proofreading, adding appropriate graphics and additional visuals. It’s not something that’s done in a couple of hours. Managing your time well, will ensure that you can regularly produce content that is engaging, put together well, is a true representation of yourself and your experiences and adds value to the reader’s day.

Keep it original

Sure there are lots of parenting/travel blogs out there, but what makes them all different is the person who publishes the content. You have your unique outlook, your own personal experiences to call upon and your own style. It’s this that will keep your readers coming back, so always be original and express yourself well in every post. Be yourself!

So, what do you think? Think you could start your own blog? It’s certainly a challenge, but its worth it!