Thursday 2 May 2019

Reasons to be Cheerful: Work, Gym and Gorgeous Views

Isn't the Wisteria gorgeous? My home looks so fab right now

Happy Thursday friends. It is time for a cheery post and to focus on what has made me grateful this week. I'm not hosting Reasons to be Cheerful this month, it is over with Becky at Lakes Single Mum but it's still important to stay in the good habit of being grateful each week, so I am aiming to continue sharing weekly, until the linky is back with me in June.

Back to the Gym - It was hard to go over Easter with the kids being off, but I've enjoyed being back this week and have been in the gym and swam a couple of times.

Some ace opportunities - I've had some great paid blogging work come up the last few weeks and it makes such a difference to be paid well to research and write content.

A spot of shopping - I had to take JJ to Cadets last night and this means I hang around Hastings for a couple of hours, normally I go to McDonalds with my laptop and work, but last night I went to Sainsburys and came back with a couple of skirts, a top and a cardie. Now to see if they go with the rest of my wardrobe!

Family meal out - We had a 50% off voucher for Harvester so we all enjoyed a meal there earlier in the week. It was great as the kids weren't bickering and the food was excellent. I do like being able to fill up on salad.

I got my 1/2 stone award - Finally!  It has been a long time coming but better later than never, I'm taking a very slow approach to my weight loss but it is happening..... slowly! lol

Praying for an interview - I've applied for a 2 day a week job that I really, really fancy. The application is in and now I'm waiting to see if I get an interview. I will if it is God's will.

Great day at work - I normally do my social media work at home, but yesterday I went into the office as one of the other staff was off and it was so great to chat and have colleagues. I'll be doing it more often.

The weather has cheered up again - It still gets chilly in the evenings but the day times have been lovely and I've moved into my summer wardrobe, and been sitting out on the bench enjoying this view, reading my book.

View from my front door

Do you fancy joining in with us?  Head over to Becky's and link up, then share the love with #R2BC.

Have a great day, Mich x