Wednesday 21 November 2018

18 Great Ideas for your Teen Girl this Christmas | Gift Guide

On the one hand teen girls are so easy to buy for, there is so much she wants, but then on the other, boy are they fussy! Depending on your girl, and maybe her age, will dictate whether you can pick up bargain items from Poundland as stocking fillers or whether she'd just rather one great gift, like some tech, a pair of Adidas trainers or an Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie. 

I've put together some gift ideas for teen girls (probably the younger end of teen) with a range of price points from £1 to over £50.

Gifts for under £5

False Nails - £1
Poundland do a great line in false nails, all sorts of styles, colours and both glue and adhesive sticker application. These are a real quick win and an easy way for your teen to be able to change her look, even when she had a fatal nail break!

false nails

5 Pack of Lip Glosses - £2
This pack was such a bargain, again from Poundland. There are five great colours, so something to suit all skin tones and cheap enough that it doesn't matter if she loses it the first time she takes it out with her.

lip balms set

Haribo Christmas Treats - from £1
Who doesn't love some Haribo?  I don't think there is any age cap on them and I know all my kids will be pleased to receive a selection box, cracker or tree hanging gift this year. With prices starting from just £1 they are a delicious bargain and can be picked up at any supermarket.

Haribo festive treats

Slim Pencil Case from Paperchase - £2
This was another of my sale bargains. I like to keep my eyes peeled all year thought to find great little gifts that I know my daughters will love. This slim pencil case is sure to be a hit as it won't take up too much space and looks stylish.

pencil case

Gifts for Under £10

PopSockets Grips - from £9.99
These fab little PopSocket Grips attach to the back of your mobile phone/case, so you can easily take selfies, text one-handed and prop the phone to watch YouTube or such, without the aid of a stand. But if you want to go totally hands free then there are also PopMounts for sale to help you do that. Many of the newer ones have the ability to change the PopTop too, so you can switch with your mood and wireless charge your phone.  Don't be tempted to go for a cheap imitation as they really don't live up to the originals. 


National Geographic Wall Calendar - £9.99
Of course most calendars and appointments are kept electronically nowadays but this next gift is perfect if your teen is like one of my daughters, who enjoys writing up her dates to look forward to and then adores crossing off those days, countdown style! Also there are a whole choice of calendars to choose from and the pictures are just beautiful, such high quality. I'm pretty sure the sloths one will be a big hit this year. I got this calendar from World Animal Protection and that means each time you purchase from them animals are being helped across the world, which is super important too. 

polar bear calendar

Personalised Photo Book - from £6.99
There are a few sites I use for making photo books and to be honest I just go to the one that has the best offer at the time. I find it is worth signing up to their mailing lists and then you get to hear about the discounts quickly. My go to sites are Snapfish and Photobox and there is a whole hosts of styles you can choose from to suit the occasion.

personalised photo books

A - Z of Wonder Women Book - £7.99
This book is such a nice read for any young woman. There is too much in the media today about popularity, image and size and the A-Z of Wonder Women, by Yvonne Lin acts a fabulous antidote to that, offering a compendium of wonderful and inspirational woman that have all achieved success for what they've done. It's sure to inspire your teen and give them a new hero to look up to. 

a-z of wonder women book

Tangle Angel Hairbrushes - from £9.95
Miss E really suffers with ratty hair and trying to brush it out is the bane of my life, that's why I love Tangle Angel brushes as they are suitable for use on wet or dry hair, are heat resistant up to 120 degrees and are anti-bacterial and anti-static too. There is a whole selection to choose from, starting with the smaller Tangle Cherub, perfect for children or travel, right through to the Tangle Angel Pro with its stylish rose gold or silver casing. It's scientifically developed, blade-shaped bristles flex in opposing directions, gently loosening tangles, leaving your hair soft, smooth and easy to manage.

Tangel angel brush

Gifts for under £15

A - Z Positive Thinking Notebook - £12.99
These notebooks from Hope House Press are such a nice gift as they can be personalised for the recipient and are really great quality.

personalised a-z journal

Peeking Cat Tin - £14.99
We've just got a new cat and as such everyone in the house is cat crazy, so I thought this storage tin would go down a treat with Miss M. Its really good quality and a great size for nail products or stationary, and how cute is that black cat peeking from the bottom? This is another gift from World Animal Protection, which means you are giving in to their work to end cruelty to animals.

peeking cat tin

Biscuit Shaped Chocolates - £12.99
These gorgeous handmade Belgium chocolates taste as good as they look. Your teen will be thrilled to receive this box of pink wafers, jammy dodger, chocolate digestive, part ring, bourbon and a custard cream. I really did love all the gift ideas from the Find Me A Gift site, they had so many really decent quality gifts for good prices and you should definitely take a look.

biscuit shaped chocolates

Phone/ Tablet Case - around £15
This new case is from New Look but there is an abundance of tablet and phone cases out there and your teen is bound to love another one.  My kids can't seem to get enough, despite being able to only use one at a time! If you're not sure what they will like, get them a voucher for their favourite store and add a note to direct them you were thinking about a new phone case.

ipad case

New Look Mickey Shortie PJ's - £14.99
New Look offer both a teen and ladies pyjamas range, depending on the size of your teen. I think they are great value and well made, so they make a great Christmas gift. There are a range of styles and themes, such as Harry Potter and Christmas specials.

Mickey shortie pjs

Spend a little more!

Sanctuary Spa Reed Diffuser - £18
I went for the Sanctuary Spa signature scent as my daughter really loves it, but there is a whole host of scents available and at the moment the price is reduced to £12 at Boots, making this a bargain. This reed diffuser looks simple and classy and will ensure your teens room stays smelling good for a number of months. 

reed diffuser

The Gift of Time
Whatever it is that your teen girl likes to do, you can find a way to spend some time with them, so I'll be making sure I give my girls a homemade voucher that entitles them to spend some time with me individually. I might scour Groupon or Wowcher (I get so many good deals on them) for an afternoon tea deal, but it could be a trip to the cinema, a pamper afternoon or even a simple trip to walk along the beach and have an ice-cream if your budget is tight. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as your teen will enjoy it and get that special one-on-one attention they crave and need!

Afternoon tea

A Trip to the Theatre
I think every teen girl at the moment wants to see the West End hit Hamilton, but if this story of America's founding father isn't for your teen then there is a whole host of great shows to go and see. Earlier this year I saw 42nd Street and it is a magical spectacular of music and dancing, I'd highly recommend it for any girl and her Mum. You can check out my review over here.

42nd street

Experience Gift with - from £10
Recently my husband and I enjoyed a fabulous meal at the London Steakhouse Co. and a trip up the Shard, which we had booked via We found them to be a great site with loads of wonderful experience gifts, with something for everyone. You can even buy a voucher for a certain value so your teen can choose her own expedience if you like.

I hope you like my ideas for gifts for your teen girl and can find something that she loves, happy shopping!

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Disclosure: Some of these items have been gifted to us for the purpose of this Christmas gift guide, others I have purchased. With all of them I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.