Monday 19 November 2018

Miss E Loves her Retro Roller Skates!

Look at those beauties!  I must admit that when my daughter chose these roller boots from I was quite surprised. This is the girl who has been an inline skater for the last few years and all of a sudden she fancies quad wheels.

She tells me she used them at skate club a bit and became familiar with them there, and seeing as we have the same size feet, I'm quite happy for her to get them as it means I'll be able to have a go as I used to skate with similar boots when I was (much) younger!

What she chose are the Rookie Classic II White quad wheel skates, which are also available in black. They retail for £79.95 (UK sizes 3 -5) or if you have big feet like us the cost rises to £89.95 (UK sizes 6 - 7).

The look is classic 1970's disco, just imagine them with a pair of leg warmers, or even figure ice-skating. They certainly stand-out and look stylish when being worn and we both adore the hot red wheels, that just finish them off nicely.  The boots also came with a pair of multicoloured laces for a more funky look too and I'm sure Miss E will be changing them over at some point.

We're lucky to live by the sea, which means we have miles and miles of paths and promenades along the beach and these provide the perfect place for skating, we just have to pray for the good weather, as it sure can get windy!

Understandably I was concerned that the boots are white and they might look dirty and scuffed really quickly, but I have been so pleasantly surprised as they don't seem to mess at all really. I'm sure this will change with time and more wear, but for now a damp cloth has been enough to wipe over them and keep them looking pristine.

They are a matt finish synthetic padded soft boot, which have a lovely soft velvet lining and Miss E commented on how comfortable the they are, which is great to hear. I think the new and improved deeper ankle cuff with extra achilles protection certainly helps on the comfort front and the non-slip rubber sponge lined tongue makes them easy to put on.

Our skates arrived quickly in a smart box and we were very happy with the service from As you can see from the smiles in the photos, Miss E is a very happy girl and I'm sure she'll have hours and hours of fun skating in them.

Disclosure:  We received these skates free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.