Thursday 20 September 2018

Happy Thursday - #R2BC

Munching on our salad leaves!

Happy Thursday friends!

It's time for our burst of cheeryness and I had plans to do this earlier whilst enjoying a nice cold diet coke at the Premier Inn, as I waited for JJ to finish Police cadets. However it was not to be as there was no parking, due to building works going on, so I had a take-away coffee in Lidl car park and waited. My life is all about the glamour, but it wasn't productive for getting the laptop out and typing, so now I'm reduced to a mega quick cheery bullet post...  here goes....

1.  A great day out at Knole Park with our pastoral group. We had a yummy pic-nic, fed the friendly deer, looked around the house, took a nice walk and the minibus broke down! lol  but it was all fine once the recovery guys turned up.

2.   We had a great review meal at the Harvester and used it as a chance to celerbrate JJ's 15th birthday a bit early.

3.  Puspuss, the stray cat has been hanging around our home for about six weeks now. He is a lovely cat and in great condition so I'm sure someone must be missing him. I scanned him today and I think there is a chip, so I'm just waiting for the info of the owner and then I can call them. We'll certainly miss him.

4.  The girls have been trying out many after school clubs and they seem to be loving them so far, we have netball, girls football, gymnastics and art club so far and then today they will try trampolining.

5.  I've been helping out on reception at the conference centre where I live and I do love doing this, it gives me a real sense of purpose and satisafction. Its the first time in around a year that they've needed me and I'm really enjoying it.

6.  I love watching the sun go down and we have such lovely sunsets here most days. Sitting on the bench outside my door watching them is a real joy.

7.  I dropped my phone on a hard floor and it looked like the screen had cracked but I was super pleased to find it was just the tempered glass cover. I breathed a big sigh of relief when I pulled it off and my beloved P20 still looked as good as new.

Now it’s your turn. Over to you, what’s making you cheerful this week?

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