Monday 27 August 2018

Planning my Plus Size Autumn/ Winter Capsule Wardrobe with Fashion World

We've just entered into that odd time of year when the British weather isn't really sure what it is up to. Is it still summer, or has autumn arrived? No matter, we know that the autumn is well and truly on its way, and then quickly on its heels will be winter, so why not get your wardrobe kitted out in readiness for these cooler days and longer nights.

As a busy mum of three I'm all about being comfortable, whilst also looking pretty smart. I've never been a trainers and tracksuits kind of woman, and as I no longer work in an office I don't need suits anymore but I do still like to look presentable for my volunteering jobs and the odd night out with the girls or my husband.

hanging tops
Close Up Wool, Linen & Denim by Olga Polishko, thanks to Shutterstock

What's a Capsule Wardrobe?
The other day I was watching a very interesting YouTube video from Charli at Curvy Girl Thin about why she moved to a capsule wardrobe and it got me thinking that really I already use one too. There are only around 30 items in my wardrobe that I wear, despite the other 200 that are in there! ekk So I am actually going to have a good clear out and move to the capsule wardrobe way!

Most people seem to agree that a capsule wardrobe is around 20 - 35 pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories. Due to the limited number of items that you have to choose from, you need to be smart in your choices and make sure you chose versatile items that will go with a number of your pieces.

It's useful to choose a colour theme to start with, mine currently is navy, jade, coral and cream. My girls laugh at me with the my summer wardrobe, as I have six different plain navy tops, all with varying sleeve lengths and different designs, these then go with my two pairs of patterned soft cotton trousers, long patterned cotton skirt, knee length denim skirt and jeans. It's not boring, its efficient and I believe I look good in them.

blue hoop earrings
Lipsy Circle Drop Earrings from Fashion World, £15

Why move to a Capsule wardrobe?
I think the biggest benefit for me is that I am easily able to pick an outfit for myself. I don't have to spend ages wondering if things will team up well together, I can just pick a top and bottom and know they will go, as they were bought with that aim in mind. It is so freeing.

Having a capsule wardrobe is also more cost efficient, and if you are an avid impulse shopper (like me) it gives you some boundaries. When I'm in the shops and I see that gorgeous red top that I really like, its good to know that I should resist as chances are it won't go with the rest of my capsule wardrobe and I might then end up having to buy a cardigan or jacket to go with it too!

Of course when you are buying less clothes you are also being kind to the world we live in, less is being used, disregarded and hopefully it means more people can be paid a fair wage for what they are making.

Capsule wardrobes are especially good when storage space is tight, having to hang far less items means you need less space and they stay nicer as they don't crease in amongst the squash of all those clothes - that you don't even wear!

Here's what I'm thinking for my capsule wardrobe -

1 x rain mac
1 x winter coat
2 x scarves
2 x jeans
1 x ankle boots
1 x long leather boots
1 x comfy shoes
1 x going out shoes
3 x cardigans
2 x warm jumpers
5 x day tops
2 x evening tops
1 x skirt
2 x trousers
1 x dress
1 x blazer/ jacket

I'm not much of an accessories girl, I tend to just wear the same silver or white gold jewellery each day but I think it might be nice to have a pair of statement earrings for those evenings when I want to go out and feel really glam. Of course, I also like scarves so they can change the look of an outfit as well.

I've been looking on Fashion World and planning out my dream capsule wardrobe, let me share with you a few of the pieces that I think I'll include.  The first piece that really caught my eye was this colour block print pleat skirt, which retails for just £29. I can see this dressed up with one of the navy tops that I already have or dressed down with a warm jumper and long leather boots.

pleated skirt

This indigo waterfall cardigan is really versatile too and can be teamed up with so many outfits and it is the super bargain price of £17.

waterfall cardigan

I am so in love with this Arabella dress by Monsoon on at Fashion World as it sits within my navy colour palette but introduces so many other splashes of colour too. It retails for £60, which I think is very reasonable for a quality dress.

monsoon dress

I think boots are something that it is worth splashing out on. These gorgeous ankle boots from Dune are £99 but I expect they would last me quite a number of seasons and being wide fit, with a chunky heel they should be comfy for walking too.

Dune ankle boots
I could go on and on as there are so many wonderful clothes on Fashion World and as a larger lady, it is great to find somewhere that caters to my size and gives me loads of options too. What do you think of the pieces I have chosen and have you tried a capsule wardrobe as yet?

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