Friday 24 August 2018

Struggling to find the perfect wedding gift? Read this first!

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So, we’re reaching the end of summer and the wedding season seems to be drawing to a close, but for those of us who still have weddings to attend this Autumn/ Winter, or perhaps next year, we still have that difficult task of finding the perfect wedding gift.

It seems that choosing your outfit and matching your shoes to your bag, and fascinator is so much easier than buying something for the happy couple. Even if you’ve known them for years and know what they like, it's never an easy decision, is it?  

You’ve thought about cash, about gift cards, about a crystal vase, a kitchen clock or even the old classic, a toaster! Or how about something different, some silver bullion from GoldenEagle Coin? Silver, after-all, is always a good investment and no-one wants 12 toasters and 15 salt and pepper shakers…! 

But if you need a little more inspiration, then look no further. Here you’ll find a list of the gifts that newlyweds love to receive -

The gift of an escape
Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean booking them a week in the Maldives – even though most of us would love to indulge our friends from time to time, if we had the money – no, giving them the gift of travel simply means giving them the opportunity to go and see a little corner of the world, or even of the UK, at a time that suits them! 

It’s easier than ever to book a weekend break in London, Edinburgh or any other part of the UK in a beautiful hotel. The beauty of these gifts is that you can book the experience but it’s up to them where they want to go and when they want to travel. Look for these types of weekend breaks online, you can find some excellent bargains on sites like Groupon or Secret Escapes and it doesn’t have to be a city break. If country living and exploring is more their thing, then how about buying them a weekend break glamping in the gorgeous English countryside?

A Fun Day to Relax
Planning a wedding can be pretty hard work, it takes up a lot of head space, as well as emotional energy and money, so how about treating your friends to a nice relaxing day together in the the months that follow. Maybe a spa day, an afternoon tea or if they are a more intense couple then a bungee jump or hot air balloon ride. There are so many amazing experiences to choose from and we all know that experiences create memories that last a lifetime. 

Hot air balloon over yellow fields by Business Stock, thanks to Shutterstock

A gift for the couple that have everything
If the couple seemingly have everything, or you just worry about them being gifted things twice. Then why not go for something that’ll raise a smile and be a great talking point. You can purchase small plots of land and make them Lord and Lady of the land, with official titles and a certificate of authenticity. Or, buy them a star in the night sky. It’s something they can tell their children (and potentially grandchildren) about in years to come.

Honeymoon gifts
Honeymoon gifts are a great idea because they can enjoy your gifts on their honeymoon and for years after too. Personalised passport covers, luggage tags or luggage straps that illustrate their newly married status will go down a treat. It might even lead the airline to upgrade them or the cabin crew to spoil them during their flight!

Or, why not an instant camera? These utterly retro cameras are making a huge comeback, and it’ll add an element of fun on their honeymoon as they snap away and enjoy their pictures instantly. Think of all the memories they can stick on their fridge when they get home! They’ll totally love you for it! 

I hope you like these ideas for slightly different wedding gifts. If you're married, help us all out and tell us what your favourite gift was?

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