Sunday 19 March 2017

8 Low Syn Slimming World Snack ideas to keep You on Track #SlimmingSunday

If you are on the Slimming World plan you'll know that it is all about the free food and syns. The average person can have between 5 - 15 syns a day but someone larger like me gets 20, although of course it is better to not have so many and then you can see great weight loss results.

I find that my real struggle time is the evening and as such, I always try to plan in a yummy treat for the evening and use my syns for it. I often don't want to use that many though as I need them throughout the day for things like my milk in tea, butter on my toast or ryvita, sauces, gravy or a little treat.

So here are 10 low syn treats that keep me motivated and wanting to lose weight but without feeling like I am missing out -

1.  Quark and highlight with mini marshmallows (4 syns)
This is probably my favourite evening treat as it is sweet, creamy and filling. I use half a tub of fat-free quark and mix it with a highlight or Options chocolate powder sachet (1.5-2 syns it varies for which one you use, so check), it mixes really well and is like a chocolate cheesecake.

I also like to add 10g of mini marshmallows on the top for extra sweetness and indulgence. You can see you get around 30 mini marshmallows for the 10g (you get 25g for 4 syns, so I class these as 2 syns).

I also have a friend who likes to turn this into a cheesecake and she has a crushed light digestive biscuit (3 syns) at the bottom and instead of the marshmallows she has raspberries ad a drizzle of choc shot (1/2 for a level tsp). Add on the chocolate powder and that makes a 5.5 syn dessert.

2.  Raspberry Jelly/ mouse (1/2 syn per dish)
With this one you make up some sugar free jelly (I used raspberry - 2 syns for whole packet, so all 4 desserts shown here), add in a pot of mullerlight (I used vanilla) and some fruit for speed and allow it to set. Bets eaten on the day it is made I find but it does take about 4 or 5 hours to set properly.

3. Two Pink 'n' White Marshmallow Sandwiches (5 syns)
If you need a sweet fix, these are brilliant and at just 2.5 syns each they are very easy to grab and eat. I have to tell you though, if you like your marshmallow soft and gooey make sure you microwave them for about 20 seconds as they expand in size and ooze.

4.  Egg and Vegetable Muffins (Syn free)
I really love these muffins as they are super easy and so versatile. At the most basic level you just chop up some veggies of your choice (these had onion, pepper, mushroom and leek) and fry them in fry-lite and then add them in with whisked up eggs that have been seasoned. Put them in silicon muffin cases and they'll cake a treat.

Of if you want something even yummier, you can add in low fat cottage cheese and they taste super cheesy.

5. Meringue Nest, Fruit and Yoghurt (2.5 syns) or with cream (3.5 syns)
Meringue nests are super sweet (2.5 syns) and go so well with fresh fruit. When I don't have many syns left but need a sweet treat, I'll have it with berries and a mullerlight. 

Or my favourite is meringue nest, strawberries and 4 level tbsp of aerosol cream (1 syn) or you can have 6 tbsps of the light aerosol cream.

6.  Cooked meat and Cut Veggies (Syn free)
If I'm in the mood for something savoury then I'll happily munch away on some cooked meat, lean ham, chicken or anything else that is syn free and also cut veggies. I mostly like salad veg like cucumber, carrots and celery but I know friends have mini corn, sugar snap peas and broccoli/ cauli.

If you fancy dipping then whizz up a small tin of chickpeas with some lemon juice, garlic and seasoning and you have ready humus. 

If you buy ready packaged meat like I have done here, make sure you check the syn value as whilst this one is syn-free, others are not. 

7.  Mullerlight Greek Syle Yoghurt (Syn free)
Currently there are Skinny Latte, Vanilla with Coconut and lemon Greek style Muller light yoghurts and they are divine. The latte one is my favourite and I could easily eat half a large pot in one sitting.

8.  Lindt Dark Chocolate (5 syns)
Sometimes only chocolate will do and the one I find that cures my chocolate craving is Lindt dark chocolate with caramel and a touch of sea salt. Two large squares of this are 5 syns and that sounds quite a lot but I literally nibble small bits and suck them with my cup of tea and it lasts ages and fills the hole.