Sunday 1 November 2015

The Happiest Boy Alive - JJ is now Officially Amazing! #GWRLive! #GWR2016

Is that title enough to give it away?  Can you guess what my little man did last week?

He only went and bagged himself an official Guinness World Record (GWR), not everyone can do that, me included! Over the last four years our family has been lucky enough to attend four GWR events and both JJ and I have missed out on records by just one or two, thus our determination to get one for the family was pretty strong. So when we headed up to the GWR office last Tuesday I commented on Twitter that we were 'limbered up and ready to break some records'.  Little did I know it would turn out to be true!

What was his record? He can mine the most wood in 3 minutes in Minecraft played on a tablet!  Oh yes, I am super proud. As JJ got the award I pondered aloud if that meant I got the award for the worst parent as he had obviously practised too much!

The framed certificate is currently sat in my kitchen waiting for us to find a permanent home for it but JJ and I did have a conversation today and agreed that it should be hung in the hall. Therefore every visitor can see it and it will serve as a reminder that with practise you can achieve your dreams. I think this is a really important message to be passing on to the kids - patience, determination and practise mean they can succeed at whatever they put their mind to.

As with each of the GWR events we have been to we were all able to join in and try out some record attempts ourselves. Miss E is now determined to beat the record for the most hops on one leg (over a dividing line) in 30 seconds and Miss M wants to set a new record for the most cartwheels without stopping - I'm not so keen on her attempting that one! She did have lots of fun hula hooping with some existing record breakers though. Not shy at coming forward, that one!

With thanks to Ivan Gonzalez Photogrpahy for 4 of these pictures

What was new with this GWR event was that we were treated to the full GWR Live! experience and we got to meet some record breakers and I could see all the children were awe-struck hearing from these inspirational young adults. I really do love the Guinness World Records, it is so nice to find a brand that is still wholesome but also really relevant and keeping up with current trends and what our culture is demanding.

A few weeks ago we received the new GWR books that are out for 2016, you have the traditional records book, which has a very flash gold cover this year and the Gamers edition, which is the one JJ most loves. At the event we also got to meet the editors of these books - Craig Glenday for the records book and Stephen Daultry of the Gamers edition, as well as Sam the Records Manager. It was so good to listen to these guys address the kids and have fun with them and enthuse them to do a job they love when the are older. My son is gaming made and Stephen and Sam showed hm their are job roles out there where he can combine something that gives him joy with a wage.

Credit: Ivan Gonzalez Photography
Our whole day with GWR and some fellow family bloggers was an absolute joy, if you ever get the chance to work with them, go to a GWR Live! event or even read the books I'd say go for it.  You will not be disappointed, things have changed a lot since I was a child and Roy Castle used to blow on his trumpet and warble out a tune. GWR may have just celebrated their 60th anniversary last year but they are fully up-to-date and keeping up with what the kids want, you only have to check out their CBBC TV program Officially Amazing to know that!

A sincere thank-you to all the team at GWR, we really appreciate your hospitality and you have made JJ's year!

I'll leave you to enjoy some more pictures from our day -

Popchips - could these be JJ's secret weapon that helped him prepare to have such a fabulous record breaking attempt? They did ask me to capture the moments during my week that were fun or inspiring and JJ getting his world record was definitely inspiring, not just for him but for all the children that attended the event with us.The kids all enjoyed a snack on the way to London, Miss E and JJ had theirs on the train and Miss M waited for the London bus. Apparently they are a great snack whilst sightseeing! Check out the hashtag #Getpopped to see what others have been up to.

A silly bit of family fun, shame Miss M didn't want to smile for me!

Arrival at the GWR offices (Image credit: Ivan Gonzalez photography)

Miss E enjoying her GWR 2016 annual

JJ was super happy to get his 2016 Gamers edition signed by Stephen Daltry, the editor

Freestyler Footballer and multiple GWR holder John Farnworth showing us some of his skills

Miss M took a real shine to John and was super happy for him when he regained his record
 for the most heel touches in 1 minute.

JJ was impressed with the skills of sport stacker James Acraman

All the kids had a wonderful time and the GWR Live! really are fantastic with the kids. So much patience and such a sense of fun.

And a short video clip too, showing off some of the best moments of the day -


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Disclosure: GWR paid for our travel and treated us to a fabulous family day out. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.. 
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