Tuesday 3 November 2015

Chestnuts, Chestnuts Everywhere - Photo Blog

We've had some fabulous weather just recently and the girls and I have been getting out and making the most of it. It is not always necessary to spend lots of money to have a great time together, getting outdoors and foraging for a sweet treat can be really satisfying.

The chestnuts are dropping by the dozen right now and we wanted to get some before all the deers ate them up. We headed out with some friends to go collecting and we didn't have to go far before we found an abundance. Between Friday and Saturday we collected a great haul and the kids got to partake in some of their favourite pass times - tree climbing and mud jumping!

 The golden nectar that we set out to find, they are stunning just to look at, let alone eat!

Sporting her new Adidas trainers with GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort product technology Miss E was ready for whatever our muddy grounds threw at us!

Oh look, a lucky find amongst the chestnuts! (Well if course not, but we did take some Popchips to snack on whilst tree climbing)

Miss E chilled whilst Little A climbed higher and higher but at the next batch of climbable trees Miss E showed us her moves too and put her new trainers through their paces. (I got this snap whilst Anya was still smiling and before she declared that Little A had travelled too high in a pair of wellies! lol)

What is it with kids and mud? It is like a magnet with them and they have such fun. Luckly Miss E's trainers seem to be holding their own and you might spot that Miss M has on her Legero shoes which also have GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort product technology and this means I don't have to worry about wet feet and the girls getting uncomfortable as I know they are being looked after.

Here is the state of Miss E's trainers after two very wet and muddy chestnut walks! I'll let you know how they clean up.

The fruits of our labour. Everyone enjoyed eating these on Saturday after 1/2 hours roasting but we did find that they are incredibly hard to peel and keep the nut in one piece, ours went a bit flaky. Let me know if you know where I went wrong.

Disclosure: We were sent some Adidas trainers by GORE-TEX® to enjoy some fun times so the kids could put them through their paces. I was also commissioned by Popchips to write about some fun and uplifting times we had over half-term. I have not been instructed what to write by ether company and I remain honest.

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