Thursday 9 July 2015

Looking forward to the summer...

As the summer holidays fast approach there is a palpable level of excitement rising in our house. This is the busiest time of the year for my dh so he is not so much excited as on high alert but the kids and I are on countdown. We have 13 days left at school as I write this and on the one hand it just feels too long, but on the other I need that time to complete my long to-do list and to be able to free myself up for six weeks of fun and laughter.

Last week JJ had his three transition days for secondary school and he loved it, him and his friend were convinced they could not go back to primary school for the last couple of weeks as they were 'just too big now!' However, we have a few key events left at school before they leave: last parents evening, last report, the school performance of the Wizard of Oz and the sure-to-be sad leavers assembly.

The Girls also have their 8th birthday in just a couple of weeks and they already have their big presents. A new bike for Miss M as she grows taller every day and a white and pink desk and drawers for Miss E, who has declared herself  'the luckiest girl in the world.' They are not having a party this year but we head off on holiday with my parents and brother to Poole just a week after their birthday (once school breaks-up) and they love the idea that they get a birthday day on holiday, where they can jointly dictate what we will all do and where we will eat that day. 

I was starting to worry what this day may entail but I've been told that at the moment the plan is to go to buy in line skates for them both from Nanny & Granddad, head to the park for a skate and a swim. Off to Harvester for dinner as Miss M likes the salad bar and Miss E the rocky horror sundae and then down to the seafront for the penny arcade and an ice cream as it grows dark. It all sounds pretty good to me.

The fun doesn't stop once our holiday is over though. Oh no, due to living in the grounds of a glorious Christian conference centre we have loads of events going on all summer that we can get involved with. As soon as we return it is time for the week-long Ichthus Revive camp and the kids will again meet the same friends who come just this one week a year.

Then we hope to have our friend Clare and her son Jacob come to stay for a bit and that will mean trips to the beach, swimming in the lake and lots of outdoor play. Let's pray this fabulous weather continues.

We are not quite sure what will happen mid August just yet, it will be my birthday and I'll make sure we do something as I remember just what a flop my 40th was but how great my 41st was in London last year. We've sent off for passports for the kids so there us scope for all sorts to happen this week!

Our plans start to peter out towards the end of August and that is no bad thing as the kids need some down time. I swear that allowing them to get bored is one of the best things I can do, as when I ban the tech and they break through the boredom threshold that is when they have the best time and play together in wonderful creative and harmonious ways. Camps get build, the Lego comes out, they have water fights, play sports club and initiate board or card games.

Then August will end with a bang over the bank holiday weekend when our own church and many other New Ground churches will come to Ashburnham for a weekend of drawing closer to the Lord and enjoying good fellowship together.

So you see, I am one of those parents who cannot wait for the summer holiday to roll around as there is so much happening that we will be busy as can be. Have you got some good plans or will you just see how it all unfolds?

Whichever, I hope you have a ball. Mich x
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