Tuesday 7 July 2015

Dear So and So - I'm 1 in a Million!

Dear ONE,

You are such an amazing advocacy and campaigning organisation and I'm really pleased to work with you. It is you who has shown me that everyday people like me have power. When we come together things can and do change.

Your Poverty is Sexist campaign that you launched back in March this year was provocative and pioneering but it is working. Thanks for updating me and letting me know that over 1 million people have now signed the petition and said that there must be equality between the sexes. It is not OK that millions of girls are denied an education, that hundreds of thousands of young girls are pushed into early marriage, that women cannot own the land they farm nor that so many lives are ruined through gender based violence or FGM (female genital mutilation).

I am so proud to be involved in the tireless work that you do. Thanks for believing in this small-time blogger.

Mich xx


Dear Minister Gerd Müller,

As the German minister for Development you have a substantial role to play in the G7 summit. Thanks so much for posing for your #strengthie just like Miss M and I did and thanks for taking the petition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the other G7 leaders.

I am excited to hear that you came through and are willing to deliver #morethanhotair by promising to increase vocational training for girls and women everywhere by a third. The G7 leaders also promised to help developing countries tackle the barriers that make it harder for women to find paid work, like violence, sexual harassment and discrimination.

These are great promises but as always there is more to do and you all need to be held to account to ensure that promises become reality. I pray you always remember that #strengthie you posed for and fight for the girls and women in our world.

With gratitude, Michelle Pannell

I love you my Readers,

Can I count on you? Will you add your name to the petition if you have not already please? (Here is the link to be able to do that) I know some of you wonder why bother and if digital activism really works but it only takes a few seconds to add a name to the ONE Poverty is Sexist campaign and because so many people did, it’s grown into a global movement, that our world leaders have had to listen to. They are now feeling the pressure and starting to act and making promises. ONE needs your support so they can stay on top of them and help them make the changes to make the difference to millions of girls across the world.

We all deserve the same chance of happiness, to have enough to eat, to be safe from harm and to be healthy and educated, don't we?  I'm sure you agree.

Thanks and indebted that you step up time and time again to make a difference.

Mich xx

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Dear Dr Sipho Moyo,

I have such a lot of respect for you. As the ONE Director for Africa you have a massive role to play in this NGOs success. I think this is one of the things that helps ONE to stand tall and gain respect, it is not just a bunch of westerners trying to help those in the developing world, it is a collaboration of all people from our world working towards a brighter future for all living in extreme poverty, particularly in Africa.

Thanks so much for all the work you do.

Gratefully, Michelle

Dear Jeannine and Ginny,

I don't think I'll ever be able to repay the debt I feel to you ladies. You are so different and yet equally as awesome as each other. I love your passion, your concern, your sharp minds, your organisational skills, your tenacity and your ability to make things happen.

My trips to Ethiopia and Washington D.C. have been two of the highlights of my life and I can never thank you enough for introducing me to Africa and to some of the most kick-ass bloggers America has on offer. I am continually challenged and inspired by the dramatic words, moving photographs and and phenomenal campaigns that I am exposed to because of these ladies.

Sincerely thank you, Mich xx


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Thanks a lot, have a fantastic week, Mich x

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