Saturday 6 September 2014

Our top 6 Netflix obsessions #StreamTeam

Earlier this week I got my monthly newsletter as part of the Netflix #Streamteam, it suggested that I post about it being back to school time and all the great programes available for the kids to watch and chill out with after a busy day at school.  And yes I agree, kids do need a balance between learning and then time to relax and process that learning but I think us parents also need some downtime after the busy summer months.

Having the kids for six weeks or more can be really tiring and whilst I have lots of housework and jobs to catch up on there is nothing I like better than taking my iPad with me and watching a fabulous series on Netflix.  So in case like me you want to do the same I thought I'd share my (and my husbands) top series obsessions since getting Netflix in April.

1)  First up is Suits. This was the first TV programme series that I watched on Netflix and I loved it. I literally was in mourning when I finished the two seasons that are on there and I'm praying Netflix get the third season very soon. It is a series based around a top firm of New York lawyers.

Look at these guys, I'm a little bit in love with both characters -

2)  Next we have Gossip Girl, I still haven't finished this as there are six seasons and thank goodness, it means I have hours and hours of watching available to me. It is great how things change, the characters I hated at the beginning I now love and vice versa. Never a dull moment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

3)  Taking this spot is Orange is the New Black.  My husband and I started to watch this prison drama together and I was hooked at first but by the second season I had lost a bit of interest, but hubby enjoyed it until the end of the second season and is avidly waiting to see if there will be another. Be warned this is certainly not one for when the kids are around it can be quite graphic at times.

4)  Orphan Black is brand new to Netflix and I just found it when it was recommended to me in August. There is only one series and it is not at all what I thought it might be but the plot is thickening and I have to keep on watching and find out what happens. Definitely worth a view.

5)  Lie to Me was the first series my husband watched when we got Netflix and I dipped in and out and saw a number of episodes. Basically Dr Cal Lightman works with the police to help solve crimes using his extensive knowledge of human behaviour. It is so funny to now watch my husband use little tricks he learnt from the program on our kids, he can spot a mile off when they are lying! There are 3 seasons on Netflix.

6) The next one I'll single out is the my husbands current favourite which is Prison Break. There are 4 seasons on Netflix and this is a really intricate plot about a prison breakout. Oh the lead stars are pretty easy on the eye too!

There are so many good TV program series on Netflix that I could go on and on. Others that I've dipped in and out of so far and would recommend are The Good Wife, Person of Interest, White Collar, 24, Kyle XY and Criminal Minds.  As you can tell we like law and crime dramas in this house!

Netflix is £6.99 per month to stream as many films and TV programs as you like, I think it is a fabulous deal and once my year is over I'll certainly be keeping with it.

Disclosure: I have received a years free membership to Netflix and a free device to become part of the #Streamteam. They have not instructed me what to write and I remain honest, as always. 
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