Saturday 6 September 2014

Innocent Alphabet Champions - K

My children adore innocent smoothies and fruit juices and they are a regular part of my shopping. How can a Mum say no to such goodness for her kids? The small cartons are an excellent healthy drink for school lunches and a little bonus for the kids is that the new 2014 Innocent magnets are now out. There are three magnets with each pack and the kids love to try and gain the full alphabet.

You can also send off for your name in magnets too which is a nice new feature. You cut out and collect the bar codes from innocent for kids products and 6 codes will get you 3 names, 8 codes for 4 names and a maximum of 10 codes for 5 names. You can check out the full details on the innocent kids alphabet webpage. On there is also details of the competition currently running, here you can design your own letter magnets and be in with a chance to be featured in the next alphabet launched, how exciting would that be?

A number of bloggers are being allocated a different letter to be the champion of and our family has been given K.  I did wonder at first why on earth we had K as I could hardly think of anything related to back to school time or fruit drinks but then I saw the reason innocent had allocated me this letter -

"because you keep the family together"

Ahh that feels so nice and I think they are right. I am the glue in our family, I do all those behind the scenes things that keep a family running well. They are not particularly glamorous but they are necessary.

Over the last week or so the kids and I have been taking some photos of things beginning with K to see which one we might use to champion our letter K, here are a few of the ones we took -

K, it has to be for kids doesn't it?

Then because it is back to school time, we also have K for Kitting the kids out with new uniform -

And lastly the thing that gets me going when the mornings get colder and darker, my trusty Kettle to make my morning cup of tea -

Disclosure - We are lucky to receive vouchers to purchase some innocent products for our part in this campaign. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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