Thursday 4 September 2014

How was the food at @PottersResort?

The Garden Resturant

I know some people are not fans of catered holidays but I love how easy they make it. In my opinion holidays are supposed to be enjoyed by the cook too, so to turn up at a restaurant, get well fed and then walk away and leave the table is my idea of bliss!

Included in the price of your Potters holiday is breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight supper and our family were really happy with what we were offered.

Most people eat in the very large Garden restaurant but during busy times the Gallery restaurant is used too and all food and service levels are the same. You will be allocated a table for your party and this is yours for the duration of your stay, this makes things very easy come meal times and my kids enjoyed getting to know the people around us. Your waiter/ess also remains the same for your stay and you can thus develop a rapport and also Tracey, our waitress got to know our likes and preferences, so tea would just appear at the table. She really was a character and a great server too.

On the first day there was a wine display and you are encouraged to book your evening meal wine in advance to help make service smooth. You can also book celebration packages in advance, likes balloons, banners and cakes and lots of the tables were decorated for the duration of our stay.

Breakfast (arrival time 8.30 -10am)
You can order tea, coffee, juice, toast and porridge from your waitress. There is a massive continental and cooked selection for you to self-serve and there are also cooked items that you can order, such as kippers, veggie sausages, poached eggs etc and no extra cost for any of it.

Lunch (arrival time 12.30 - 1.30pm)
This can be a three course affair if you are hungry or something much lighter if that suits, the choice is yours. Starters generally are fruit juice or soup and a roll. The buffet has jacket potatoes, a couple of choices of hot mains, omelette's cooked to order and a fabulous selection of cold meats and salads. There are also three main courses cooked to order, such as the salmon goujons and skinny fries I had one day.

Dinner (arrival time 6.30 - 7.30pm)
For dinner you have the choice of three good starters, a roast from the carvery, a buffet hot dish and three dishes you can order. During family breaks there are also specific children's options such  as spaghetti and meatballs or make your own chicken wraps. Children can eat what they like though, from the main menu or children's menu or mix and match as mine did many times.

Dessert is off the menu and there tended to be a hot option, cold option, ice cream with sauce or cheese and biscuits.

Here is an example days menu and the weekly kids menu

Midnight supper
I did not have midnight supper any night as generally I was tucked up in bed by then but the first night I did go by just as it was being served and it was meat or veggie chili, rice and nachos and it looked every nice but after three hearty courses just a few hours before I could not manage it. Plenty of people were though!

What was it like?
I can honestly say that I really enjoyed every meal I had at Potters, I went home absolutely stuffed and you really do not need anything in between meals. There was plenty of choice and healthier options were available. I really liked the fact that the kids were not made to have kiddie food and Miss M enjoyed her duck leg and Miss E her daily roast dinner. Probably the only thing I was not fussed on was the leek and potato soup I had for starter one night, it was just a bit watery for me. The kids did not really the pizza but dh said it was very nice, I just think they are used to a thin base and this looked like a thick homemade bready dough base. Apart from these two minor points we had fabulous food and a fabulous time and our family is really happy to recommend Potters Resort as a wonderful place to stay.

Disclosure: We were staying at Potters for three nights for the purpose of viewing the holiday resort. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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