Friday 4 July 2014

One day I hope to give a special gift #spellitout

I'm really happy to have been asked to be part of this years campaign for National Transplant Week, which runs from 7th to the 13th July 2014. The #SpellItOut campaign is focusing on asking people to spell out their decision to be part of the donor register and to make sure they share this decision with their family.

Of course no-one wants to think about the worst happening but one day we will all die and I for one want to make sure that something good can come out of that. Of course for me as a Christian I feel there is something better after death but it would also be nice to think that parts of my body can be used to help others still here.

From an early age I've always been quite clear with my family that I wish for any part of me to be used after I have died and it is so important to share this information as only 45% of families will agree to donation if the decision has not been made known. Thankfully the agreement to donate figure increases to 95% when the decision is known.

For me I find it an easy decision to donate, there are lots of compelling reasons for it and here I spell out just a few of mine. As a Christian I choose to follow God's will, which means I am happy to be able to give to others and offer gifts in a generous way.

What can you do?

  • I hope you will think about joining the organ donor register and make a known decision to give when your time comes.
  • Please then talk to your family and help them to understand your reasons for your choice.
  • Then why not spell out your desire to be an organ donor, by creatively displaying the words 'I want to be an organ donor' and uploading your photo to the NHS Organ Donation Campaign page on Facebook and tweeting it with the hashtag #Spellitout
Thanks so much for joining in with this campaign and choosing to do something amazing.

Mich x

There are lots of bloggers joining in with this campaign and between us we are using the letters from 'I want to be an organ donor'. I was the letter G, the next letter will be over on Beauty in Beta.