Saturday 2 November 2013

A great nights sleep is so important

I find that I can cope with just about anything as long as I've had a great nights sleep, even when the twins were tiny as long as I got 4 straight hours I could manage. Nowadays I like it to be a minimum of 6 or 7 hours and if I can squeeze in even more then perfect!

I don't want to tempt fate but I have to say that I'm a good sleeper. I don't have much trouble getting off to sleep and I tend to stay there for the whole night through unless a child is waking me but I have heard that it gets more tricky as you get older and particularly as a women, with changing hormone levels and such.

I do have a few simple rules that I follow to ensure a good nights sleep -
  1. If I have stuff on my mind I do a brain dump, either on my computer or in a notebook, that way it does not have to go round and round my head as I try to drop off to sleep
  2. I keep a notebook by the side of my bed and then if I wake in the night with an urgent thought, I can just jot it down and happily forget it
  3. I make sure I go to the loo before I drop off as I find that with age (and babies I suspect) my bladder if not what it used to be
  4. I like to leave one of my windows a little open. Sleeping in a slightly cool room really works for me
  5. Probably my favourite way to drop off is to read a chapter of a good book as soon as I lay down. It helps my eyes start to feel really heavy and then I drop off within minutes
You can also check out some posts with tips for a great nights sleep on Pinterest too.

The right bedding
Of course, having the right bed and bedding makes a real difference to how you sleep as well. In January dh and I bought a new bed and it is too hard for me really but he loves it and my body is learning to live with it. I keep considering what I can do to help improve this bedding situation for me, so it was with a whoop of delight that I said yes to reviewing one of the new Breathe duvets from The Fine Bedding Company. I wondered if having a good duvet might take my mind off the too hard mattress and I was right, it does. I'll tell you more about my duvet below but let me just start by saying, I love it, like really love it, it is so silky soft.

Super zipped packaging bag, which can be used again for storage

We have never been able to afford a natural down duvet and I have always been led to believe they are the best on the market. We stayed in a very exclusive hotel a couple of weekends ago and both enjoyed the down duvet there but our new 10.5 tog superking Breathe duvet is just as good. Genuinely there is no way this duvet feels man-made, firstly it is really light. When I lay down with it over me I can hardly feel it as it just drapes and changing the duvet cover is a dream too as it is lighter than my kingsize duvet that we used to have. Secondly, it keeps us super warm, for something so light I can hardly understand how it can keep me so snuggly as the nights are getting colder but the goods news is that I can use this duvet all year round as it is designed for those who love to sleep in perfect temperature-controlled comfort.

The science bit!
  • The duvet is filled with Smartfil synthetic (clever sleep technology) micro-fine fibres so they settle evenly. 
  • It traps in about 30% more air than ordinary fibres and allows you to feel warm and snug.
  • The Smartfil filling is as soft as down but can be washed regularly at 60 degrees and will retain its shape time and time again.
  • The Smartfil is mixed with naturally derived modal to actively transfer moisture from the skin and help to reduce the build-up of excessive body heat & perspiration bought on by night sweats and overheating. Any moisture is absorbed and dispersed.
  • It has a textured microfibre cover, which is highly breathable and wicks away moisture faster and more effectively than cotton.
  • It's non-allergenic
My duvet arrived by courier on an evening when my husband was working, I had a friend over and we were watching a movie with the kids. Not thinking much of it I unpacked all my post and parcels from that day and that included my new duvet. Within minutes my friend was stroking it and I had an offer that she would come and babysit for a weekend (if you could use our new duvet) and this is how Miss E ended up once she had grabbed it off my friend -

Overall verdict for The Fine Bedding Company exclusive Breathe duvet
We are super happy with our duvet, it is lightweight yet warm and very comfortable. It does not slip or move in the night and my husband and I have been enjoying a good nights sleep under it. If you are looking to buy a new duvet or other bedding then I would definitely say that the Fine Bedding Company are worth looking at. I even had a sleep consultant advise me what might be the best duvet for my husband and I, you can ask them too.

I've also reviewed the Spundown double all-season duvet for my teenagers bedroom in 2021,

Thanks to the Fine Bedding Company for choosing us to try out one of their new Breathe duvets!

Disclosure: I received this duvet free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.