Monday 12 August 2013

#TellingTales with M&S

My little M&S models
Today on Twitter M&S are launching a fun new initiative called #Telling-tales. They are urging mums and dads everywhere to use the hashtag to share the funny tales that our kids tell us about why they have come home from school so dirty. I don't know about you but my kids come home filthy sometimes and when I ask why I'm quite astounded at some of the stories I get told.

As a younger boy my son JJ constantly came home with black marker on his white polo shirts, this used to drive me insane as it was so hard to get off. When I asked him how it happened I would get told that the teacher could not be bothered to give them an eraser for their personal whiteboards and they were expected to rub it off with their hands and this was how he got so dirty. Over time I got more and more cross and finally went to see the teacher who assured me they did have erasers available to them but sadly many kids choose not to use them!  Thank goodness I went in their calm, rather than all guns blazing.

Probably my best tale teller is Miss M, she could chat for Britain. Just recently she came home covered in chalk, literally from head to toe and when I asked her what had happened I was told she was a puppy and while having her tummy tickled she had slid along the ground over the other kids chalk drawings. I despair sometimes!  I suppose though the main thing is that they are enjoying going to school and having fun, oh and ensuring they have school uniform that stands up to the job.

M&S is definitely my favourite uniform, it is not the cheapest but price is not my only priority. M&S clothes wash up well, keep their shape, keep their pleats (highly important in skirts and pinnys) and my favourite are their zipped check dresses. For the girls last school I picked up some of these second hand and the girls wore them for a couple of summers and now they have gone to a friends girl and they still look good - that is what you call lasting quality. This time around I was lucky to get them in the sale when they were just £3 each - a super bargain.

Join in with the Twitter fun... and win a really unique prize
On 12th August (today), using the Twitter hashtag #TellingTales, M&S are asking mums & dads to share their child's most imaginative tales into how their clothes got dirty and the best six entries will win an original illustration of their child’s tale from one of six fantastic children’s artists - Sue Hendra, Ben Mantle, Ben Hawkes, Clive McFarland, Yasmeen Ismail and Mark Chambers. That is a prize that can be cherished forever.

So why don't you head over to Twitter and share your tale of what your child told you about how they got so dirty? You never know you might just win a prize and you are sure to have a good giggle as you read all the other bizarre and outrageous tales us parents get told.

Take a look at the full competition details on the M&S site.

Disclosure: I received £50 of school uniform from M&S as a thank you for taking part in this campaign. They have not instructed me what to write and I remain honest.
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