Saturday 10 August 2013

#CountryKids - Discovering our woods

Well at long last I'm here, living in the countryside and as such I hope to be able to join in with this linky each week.

We have so much land to be able to explore here and I expect it will lead to a multitude of posts and of course fun. 220 acres will take us some time to get around and there is a lot of history and heritage to this site. I have learned there is wreckage from a WW1 plane in the grounds and also the remains of Ladyspring Grotto, a classical ruin built around a freshwater pond. Apparently if I splash the water on the back wall I will see the remains of a painting done there in the 1800's.

Our first exploration was down into the woods and we followed the noises from a field of sheep and stumbled upon a low-ropes course. It is not in use currently and not open to guests but we saw the 'do not use without instruction' sign a bit too late! We had fun though and then watched the sheep in the field over the stream for a bit too. It is a bit surreal for us town folk to be able to get so close to the animals now. There is just a couple in this photo but through the woods we could see dozens of them and they were so noisy.

Miss M is able to boast of her first fall into the stinging nettles now - poor girl! She called herself a drama queen and booed her eyes out and when I said we needed to walk back she asked me what people would think of her if they saw her legs all covered in nettle rash.  Miss E was super quick to answer and proved herself to be a cutie yet again and said 'they will just think you are beautiful Miss M'.

Here they are before nettle gate!

Miss M - the brave one

Miss E - the cautious one

Click on the badge to head over and see what others have got up to in their Country Kids exploits.  Happy weekend, Mich x
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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