Monday 13 August 2012

Brilliant fun with Maxi Micro Scooters

The other day I was filling in a survey and it asked me what my 5 favourite top/ preferred/ best brands were and to state the reason why. There was no restriction on what type of brand I might choose. I have to say I found it fairly easy to do the top 3 - John Lewis, M&S and Micro Scooters. These 3 instantly came to mind, they are brands that I trust, they do not let me down and I know the quality will be great time and time again.

For the last 3 years my little ladies have been using Mini Micro Scooters, riding them at the park, to school, taking them on holiday and generally enjoying them wherever we go. They are not the cheapest of scooters it has to be said but value for money is top notch. In the time the girls have had their Mini Micros, JJ has had 3 non-branded metal scooters and each one of his has broken or had a fault in some way. The girls still work perfectly, not a bit of rust in sight. Yes the footplate has discoloured and so has the back break but then we are not a family who lovingly stores them away in the shed every day. It is to be expected, yes they have been left outside in the rain, snow and sun.

As dh and I seem to breed tall children I have been thinking for a while that it is time for the girls to move up to the next level of scooter and for me their was only one model in mind that I wanted them to have, a Maxi Micro scooter. It has just been their birthday and they were thinking of spending their money on the scooters when luckily Micro offered the girls a beautiful limited edition Union Jack Maxi Micro each to review. They had the pick of red, blue or white footplate and were both able to get their first choice. Sensibly they chose different colours so we need never have arguments again over which belongs to who!

Within 1/2 hour of the parcel arriving at our house, dh had built the scooters. Well, built is a bit of an overstatement, they are so easy to put together it is unreal. All you have to do is clip the handlebar into the footplate and you are there, ready to scoot. The attachment clip to put any accessories onto the scooter was already attached and we received another in the box, I assume in case we wanted to add more or if we broke/ lost the existing one.

The Maxi Micro is recommended for 6-12 year olds and takes up to 50kg in weight.  Our girls are only just 5 but as I mentioned pretty tall. We changed the handlebar height to suit the girls height and this was very easy, you can use the provided alum key to tighten it if you require. Our limited edition Union Jack Maxi Micro scooters came with a neoprene union jack bottle holder. The girls love this quirky addition and the first thing I was asked was if I could fill up their water bottles please. The bottle holder detaches really easily from the accessory clip and has a drawstring handle so you can carry it anytime.

Miss E with her old Mini Micro and shiny new Maxi Micro Scooters.The Maxi is just right for those who have learnt to ride a Mini Micro and when you see them together you know it is the perfect progression. My girls both jumped on the Maxi scooter and rode straight off, no need to get to know it.

The thing I really like about the Mini and Maxi Micro scooters is the sturdy double front swivel wheels, these mean the kids can manoeuvre so easily with just a slight touch of the handlebar. My friends kids have got the same scooter but instead of a traditional handlebar, her kids have joysticks, which I thought looked bizarre at first but them seem to be all the rage at school.

I am not sure if it is because the wheels are more durable but the Maxi scooter really can move across most surfaces very easily.  Grass does not present any problem at all, which has pleased my little ladies.

I was pleased to read on the Micro Scooters website that these scooters have a really good safety record and they state their ingenious Swiss design company who made them (Micro Mobility Systems) as the reason why.

I can honestly tell you that every day since we received these scooters my girls have wanted to ride them. I know my girls are now looking forward to September and being able to show off their new scooters on the school run.  I just have one issue, JJ is in a bit of a strop and wants to know why he has not got a maxi micro, 'oh Mum, they are so awesome.  Too cool for the girls!'. Not long until October and his birthday I suppose.

The limited edition Union Jack Maxi Micro Scooters retails for £105 including the bottle holder.  Then if you have younger kids the Union Jack Mini Micro Scooter retails for £70 including a stunning Union Jack bag. I also noticed there is free delivery when you order a Union Jack Micro scooter at the moment.

So, the big question - would I have bought these scooters at £105 each now I have seen them in action?  100% yes.  They are fantastic.

Design and styling                10/10
Ease of ride and stability      10/10
Choice of colours                  9/10
Accessories available            9/10

A fantastic product, I am happy to endorse.

I'll leave you with a little clip of my girls riding their scooters and telling me what they like about them.

Disclosure:  We received 2 Maxi Micro Scooters for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.