Monday 16 July 2012

Photo Story - The Girls 5th Birthday treat....

I saw that Julia Boggio has hosted a BritMums carnival just recently and unfortunately I'm a bit late to the show to join in but I liked the idea so much that I thought why not,  I'll give it a go!

So here I am sharing our Saturday from this last weekend. The girls turn 5 this week and Saturday we had a family day out for them and also to celebrate the superb school reports that all 3 children received. It was a day to remember and it is a joy to spend time with my kids, life is so much easier now they are 5!

Here they are at the Empire, Leicester Square where we had gone to watch the new GoGoGo! Show and they absolutely loved it and you can read about it on my other blog. Check out their new outfits, they choose them themselves the week before when we went shopping together.

..and meeting the performers from the show... I really do think the girls thought they were VIPs!

Then when you are in Leicester Square the next obvious choice is to visit the M&M store of course... and out we walked with 1kg of M&M's, its obscene really, who needs that many sweets?  They better last a long time...

Then back to the train and heading out of London and on to our local Beefeater for a celebration meal and it was fantastic.  Check out my review on Honest Mummy Reviews.

and this was how I ended a superb day...

Happy Birthday my babies, this year I am not reminiscing and looking back, I am looking to the future and enjoying all the things we can do together now you are bigger.