Sunday 15 July 2012

It's just a bed, right?

I have slowly been realising that my bed has had it!  It needs to go, it's ready for the dump sadly. And I do mean sadly, I know it is just an inanimate object and I should probably just get over it and let it go but I do not want to.......I love my bed.

Dh and I bought our king-size bed in February 1997 when we first moved in together.  It cost us a bomb, about £1000 and considering that was 15 years ago  it tells you it was a good one, but everyone knows that 15 years is too long for a mattress, especially when every night it has housed two rather large adults.

As I have been pondering recently about buying a new bed I have come to realise that for me it is far more than just a piece of furniture, it holds so many memories for me.  Loads has happened in that bed and no I do not mean that!  Well yes of course that, but sex is not what I am referring to.

No, my bed makes me think about -
  • the early days when dh and I were together and we used to lie in bed and listen to an old soul album and we would talk and cuddle for hours, getting to know each other.
  • falling in love with my husband and finding joy with him.
  • all the times I snuggled up with my babes when they were small and the closeness of breastfeeding them in the middle of the night.

  • being pregnant with the twins and hardly being able to move but loving the refuge of my cosy bed.
  • being let out of hospital each day for a couple of hours over the 2 week period before the girls were born. Going  to bed in the afternoon with JJ and watching a DVD with my small man, so he still felt he had his mum.
  • napping in the afternoon with my toddler twins when they thought they were too old to nap but would still do so in Mummy's bed.
  • the times like today when my kindly dh moves out of our bed as one of the kids is ill and all they want is their Mum.

  • spending time alone with myself and with God, just being or reading in the quietness of a school day - perfect!
But I need to be honest with myself, even when I have a new bed I'll still have those wonderful memories and a new bed will be perfect for making new memories in, so no looking back Mich.  Dh and I need to bit the bullet and get out there and do some shopping.  Summer sales and all that!

It will be really important for me that I get a functional storage bed, as currently my 5ft bed has 4 drawers underneath and these house my book collection, gym clothes, spare blankets and cushions and wrapping paper and to be honest there won't be anywhere else for all these things to go.  Then when I asked dh he said his most important consideration is a high-quality mattress and of course this makes sense, that will be the thing that actually improves our quality of sleep afterall.

So we need to get the holidays out the way and have a little more money in our pocket and do some bed trailiing!