Thursday 17 May 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - The Nanny Mary Edition (Week 20)

This week Reasons to be Cheerful is dedicated to grandparents everywhere.  I will have shared with you before that I am super lucky with my Mum and Dad, they are fantastic grandparents and I am so grateful to them but they are not what this post started out to be about.

Last weekend I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my Mum and my Nan. We should have been going away to a caravan on the Isle of Sheppey for a girls weekend and some quality time together, but due to my Nans fall about a month ago we ended up spending the time at my Nans flat instead.

I have to say that I still enjoyed the weekend; time away from the kids, morning lie-ins, a trip to the cinema with my brother and loads of family time were much appreciated.

It was a real privilege to spend such a lot of time with my Nan or Nanny Mary as all the great-grandkids call her.  I enjoyed doing all the domestic chores for her, making tea, washing, ironing, cleaning and cooking her meals but it was the time we spent chatting and her sharing some of her oldest memories and thoughts with me that was really extra special.

My Nan has always held a special place in my heart, I am her only grand daughter and I have such fond memories of growing up and spending time with her and my grandad.  I loved staying at their house on a weekend and cooking with my grandad or pottering in the garden.

On Monday this week my Nan ended up back in hospital having emergency surgery, her colon had died inside her and it has had to be removed.  At age 84 this was a risky operation and there was only a slim chance of survival but God was with my Nan and she has come through it and is recovering in intensive care. As this post goes live on Thursday I'll be heading down to Surrey again to see her and to spend the day with my Mum helping her to come to terms with the fact that my Nan is no where near out of the woods yet and that she now the issue of very limited mobility due to her smashed and then pinned ankle and now due to having no colon.

I am praying for my Nan of course but more than anything praying for her three daughters, this is hardest for them.  Ultimately God's will be done and His perfect plan will be executed. One day my Nan will join her beloved Jack again.

On my wedding day in 2002 with all us ladies looking radiant!
I hope I have not made you feel down. Nan is very ill but whichever way it goes she is a blessing to me and I feel content that we have a special relationship that will go on forever.  She is a real reason to be cheerful.

And now it is your turn to let us know what your reasons to be cheerful are for this week.  Don't forget to tweet your posts with #R2BC, you can snatch the blog code from below and paste the linky on your post if you fancy making me smile and please, please visit each other and comment.  Community makes the blogging world go round after all.

Thanks for all your support, week after week.  I have a super fab bunch of readers and friends from this blog.  Be blessed all of you.  Mich x