Thursday 26 April 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 17

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I have struggled this week to know what to write for my Reasons to be Cheerful post, not because I am not happy but just no inspiration has come to me for a theme and I do not have any pressing major reasons.

I pondered taking something that really has the potential to get me down and turning it aorund, doing my Pollyanna bit and being glad in every situation.  The thing that came to mind instantly was the rain, I have to say I am really fed up so it.  So I spent some time trying to turn it around and be glad for it and all I could come up with was this -

Yes it is wonderful as it helps the land to flourish and I like the grass being green and the flowers blooming but with regards to the UK I really struggled to find any more good reasons for it.  If it was the weekend I might have thought differently and enjoyed being snuggled on the sofa with the family and a good DVD or letting the kids go out and splash in the puddles but on a weekday with a busy life it just does not conjure up good feelings, if only we could send the rain to where they really need it in the world.

Anyway enough waffling, my lack of inspiration takes me back to the roots of #R2BC and I'll share some simple things that are making me cheerful -

  1. I went on a work conference to Manchester last week with my new job and it was great.  I realised that I can hold my own in this new field and that I am naturally suited to this job.
  2. Talking of my job, I ran a training course this morning alone and it went really well.  I'll wait to get all the feedback from the participants before I declare it a success but the signs are good, people were telling me as they left that they learned something and enjoyed themselves.
  3. Dh is off all weekend. He has worked the last couple and it makes me realise how much we all miss him when he is not here at the weekend.
  4. I am in the right mind frame for getting my eating and weight in check.  My food intake has been much better, I am eating mindfully and I think I have shifted some weight already..  long may this continue.
  5. I posted a while back about what to do about Miss E and her gymnastics club and I am so pleased to say she is loving it now, I make the right choice to ask her to continue for another half-term, she is in the swing of things and loving it.
  6. Talking of gymnastics, one of the reasons I wanted the girls to do it originally (aside from them pestering me) was that Miss M needed to learn some discpline and patience.  She was so used to flitting from one activity to another and it makes me really proud to see how she is changing, over the last 3 months I can see a massive difference and I expect to hear about the difference when I go to her next parents evening too.
and I think that is enough for this week. So now over to you, what is making you cheerful right now?  Link your blog post up, leave some comment love and I am sure they will do the same back. I'll try and get to everyone this week but my Nan is in hospital so I need to go visiting so I can't make any promises.
Wishing you all a good week,  Mich x