Thursday 19 April 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - The Family Edition (Week 16)

This week I am sharing just one reason to be cheerful but it is a pretty major one. I am sure I have mentioned many times before that I am completely blessed when it comes to family.

I have the most wonderful parents, I grew up in a secure and happy home with them and my younger brother. Of course there was the odd argument along the way, but they really were the exception rather than the rule. We lived a modest life in comparision to many of my friends, there were no holidays abroad or cars bought for us when we turned 17 but not ever did we want for anything. I recall being treated to new trendy clothes, having meals out and going on wonderful family holidays in the UK. I really was a happy and blessed child.

My Super Mum and Dad (June 2003)

Better than that, our relationship has not changed, I am 38 now and still adore seeing my parents and brother. Having all my family close makes me very happy, I really did make a judgement of error when I moved 50 miles away from them in 1998. If only they lived closer I could see more of them and my kids would be over the moon.

You see, Nanny H is probably their favourite person in the world bar dh and I. I often comment that it is lucky I love her so much and she is my Mum because if it was anyone else I would be seriously jealous of the love they have for her. That's not to say they don't also adore my Dad and Uncle R too, ohh and Archie the dog is a firm favourite as well. Mum, Dad and R, thanks so much for being awesome. You realy do enrich my life and I am very priveledged to have you as my close family.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love you all -

Mum - Because you are soppy, caring and loving. You are such a great shopping bargain hunter. You have an amazing relationship with my children.

Dad - Because you have an inner strength that is reassuring. You are always there when I need you and will do anything for me, dh and our kids. You are the most fab decorator.

Rich - Because you are a genuinely great guy. You have patience with my kids. You are always willing to travel up to mine and fix lots of things for me.

My Brother and I (Dec 2008)

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So there we go for this week, my reason to be cheerful. Do you fancy sharing yours? This is a link-up after all. Write a happy/ cheerful/ gratitude post and link up, go visit some other super bloggers and leave them some comment love and I am sure they will do the same, as will I.

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Wishing you all a blessed week, be well. Mich x