Monday 16 April 2012

For the Love of Blogging

Did you know that I have a really successful blog?

I often get told I am one of the 'big' bloggers and my rankings say I am a 'top' blogger and of course that makes me smile (and giggle a little too).

Shall I share with you why my blog is so successful? 

Yes, you fancy being let into my little secret?  Maybe you can duplicate it and you can have a successful blog too.  It really is a winning formula and it won't cost you any money.

Here we go......
  • I blog from the heart and I publish what I want, when I want
  • I visit other blogs and join in with the community aspect of blogging
  • I don't tend to get involved in spats or cliques
  • I'm helpful to new bloggers and I give my time and knowledge freely

OK, simple yes? Now let me ask you, can you do that as well? Yes I bet you can and therefore you can have a really successful blog too.  I don't attract thousands of readers a day, my figures are still in the hundreds and yet you comment and offer me your support and advice and I love you for it. I don't make lots of money from this blog but then that was never what I set out to do. I'm not one of the cool bloggers and I don't tend to publish the content that leads our blogsphere but so what, again that was never what I intended to do.

I am me, I am OK but my blog, it is flipping amazing!  So say I....

and so do many of you, last year I reached the shortlist for the Family life category of the MAD (Mummy and Daddy) blog awards and I was so thankful for your support in getting me there.

I won't beat around the bush, I'd love your help to reach the finals again - please vote for Mich!

It is now the awards time of year again and this year there is not just one major awards there are two run by different networks. I have been shortlisted in the BritMums BiBs (Brilliance in Blogging) awards in the Outstanding category.  How amazing is that?  Even I am in awe at my blog being called outstanding.  If you tend to agree and would like to vote for me to win this category then please do cast a vote, you can do that HERE. The voting closes on 30th April at 5pm.  But don't just vote for me, take a look at the other worthy shortlisted blogs too and vote in all categories.

Then there are also the MAD blog awards again this year and at the moment they are in the nomination stage and I was gobsmacked to see last night I have been nominated in the following categories -

  • Inspirational
  • Most helpful *
  • Family Life
  • Family Fun
  • Blog of the Year *
and I nearly choked on my tea when I saw all those categories.  Thank you people who have done that for me and my blog. There are a couple I have put a * against and those are the ones I would really love to go forward in (of course any category would be great) but maybe best to ask my lovely readers to focus in a couple of areas. The nomination stage ends at the end of this week, so do please nominate me (quickly) if you like what you read, the more nominations I get the more likely it is that I will make the shortlist.

You will need to enter my full blog address to nominate me for the MADS -

Thank you all.  I value every one of you who stops by here and reads and comments.

So now tell me, do you write a successful blog too?

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