Saturday 7 April 2012

I love my Shoes from Zalando

I have a bit of a passion for shoes, I think this stems from having been overweight for a number of years.  Shoes have always been my friend, even when I tried on a dress and felt a tad depressed that it just did not fit well, I was able to try on shoes and feel good.  A girl can never have too many shoes - right?  There are so many colours and styles and why not even have the same shoes in different colours? 

Oh yes if I had lots of money, I would have lots of shoes but luckily in the last few years I have grown up and realised that there are in fact more important things to spend our families money on than shoes for me.  Yes, I know shock and horror Mich has finally learnt to behave with her money.  That said I do still probably have about 20 pairs, quite a respectable number for an old girl!

Sadly I have never really been able to wear the gorgeous heels that I would like to, a pair of red soled Louboutins would be my dream, or maybe some dainty Jimmy Choo sandals but with these big wide size 7 feet they are just pipe dreams.  I did spot these lovely Ted Baker black peep toe shoes on Zalando and I was tempted by them but the lack of occasion and the £120 price tag was enough to deter me from buying..... for now!

I have to tell you though, you could not fail to find some shoes that you like, or scrap that, love on Zalando.  Before browsing last week I had not heard of the site before and that will be because I am not much of an on-line shopper.  I tend to do my shopping in the stores but I am now finding that I have less time to actually visit the shops and online shopping is becoming far more convenient for me.

Zalando currently have over 20,000 different women's shoes listed.  Can you even believe that?  I was a tad daunted at first when I saw that number but the shoes are organised into different categories - flats, heels, peep shoes, mules etc etc and that makes it much easier for browsing.  The quality of the images are very good and you are able to see the products from all angels and by using an enlarge tool.

I was pleased to find really good availability of sizes and there were so many brand listed that I know and love Clarks, Gabor, Birkenstock, Ugg, Shellys, Ravel and so many more.  As well as those brands we are already familiar with in the UK there are lots of interesting brands produced abroad that I had not heard of before and that gives a chance to try something new and to be different to the crowd.

For me, I am now quite settled in my ways and as a busy mum of three, comfort tends to feature very highly and certainly more so than being on trend. In the end I bought a pair of comfy mules for the summer. These Clarks mules cost £44.99 and this is exactly the same price that Clarks sell them for direct, they are current stock and there is no cost for either delivery or returns with Zalando.  I was really impressed with that.

I ordered my shoes on 26th March, received a dispatch email on 27th March and they arrived at my door at 7.30pm on 29th March.  I think this is great service, Yodel delivered the parcel and that early evening delivery slot was so much more convenient to me than a daytime one which I normally miss and have to rearrange!

If you fancy a spot of online shopping, not just for women's shoes but for clothes and shoes for men, women and children do have a browse through Zalando.  I did browse some stylish handbags and accessories too but managed to contain myself and keep my spending in tact! I think you could probably sort out your whole wardrobe with Zalando, in my minds eye I had chosen out some sunglasses, belt, silk scarf and even a new purse.  Someone stop me now!

If you sign up for their newsletter you will receive a free £5 voucher to use off a shop. You can create a wish list if you have a special occasion coming up and hubbie never quite knows what to buy for you or if you are feeling generous you can create a voucher for a friend and help them enjoy their birthday or such.

Disclaimer: I was provided with these shoes as part of my review of the Zalando service.