Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter, a Not So #SilentSunday

I am away at Spring Harvest at Butlins at the moment and before I went away I got all my posts scheduled with the exception of one for Easter Sunday. My plan was that I would take a fabulous Easter inspired photo and place it on the blog as an Easter #SilentSunday but it has just not happened.

I have been searching and keeping my eyes open for photo opportunities and I cannot find anything that I want to showcase. I have some lovely photos of my kids from this holiday but that is not what Easter is about for me. Easter for me is a time to rejoice, reflect and be thankful. Thankful that the Lord gave his only son to die on the cross for me and for you. This may not mean much to you but for me it is a very big deal, it is the crux of my faith. 'For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life'. John 3:16.

As I sat here pondering a photo and a post, It then it occurred to me that I am obviously not supposed to be using this important day to just show off a photo. So here is my 'not so silent sunday' accompanied by the obligatory photo.

I bet you are a tad surprised to see this photo here today. Those of you who know me might expect to find a cross or some other religious sign showing the significance of this day to me and actually these Cadbury creme eggs do just that but it is not about the chocolate, it is about the man who started Cadburys.

For the last two days in one of my seminars I have been hearing about George Cadbury and I have been inspired by his choice to live differently. It is so easy to follow the crowd and to be the same as everyone else but it takes a real sense of conviction to step away from the norm and to do something that feels right to you and could possibly lead to a better way for so many people.

George Cadbury was a Christian, a Quaker and he did not like the factories of his day. He wanted his factory to be somewhere that the workers could find joy in their work and be family to each other, whilst being paid a fair wage and living a good life. So George built houses for his workers, he regularly stopped work at 3pm and took the whole staff outside to play football and he got to know his staff. He sought to be a blessing to his staff.

I have no idea if it is the same nowadays to work for Cadburys, sadly I fear not, great roots are often lost in commercialism and so called progression. One mans dream and idea for an ethical community can easily turn into another mans greed.

Call me idealistic but I have seriously thought about community living and sharing my worldly goods with others. I find it appalling that some in the world have so little when others have so much. My wealth is a drop in the ocean compared with many people but I still feel sad when I think of all those who struggle for food to feed their kids and a warm bed for the night.

I have not heard a calling as yet to be a pioneer and to make massive waves but I do hear a call to be a good neighbour and to bless those where I can. I have been volunteering since last November helping a woman in crisis, in this time I have made friends with her and received many blessings back. Last week when there was no money left in our bank but she had her kids coming that weekend to stay I knew it was the right thing to do to buy her a couple of bags of shopping and as always when you give with no expectation, God blesses you back. My time here with my husband and kids has been full of riches.

When I leave Spring Harvest next Tuesday I have a desire to further my work with the poor and needy in my rich county of Hertfordshire. I am ashamed to say that a few months back I had no idea that people were struggling in such an affluent area. A local Church has a food bank that is growing and growing and I see God working there and I want to join in. I feel privileged to be able offer them some time to see how I can help. That might be working in the bank, offering lifts to those who cannot get there or I even wonder if I am supposed to go and spread the message to other local churches who are not yet joining in.... we will see.

Living differently does not mean that you have to make a big stand and change the world in one motion. It means that you have to try your best to live as Jesus did. He loved everyone, He offered His friendship to all, He went without to give to those who needed more than He did and He showed compassion and understanding to all.

I wish to live differently, do you??

Happy Easter, may you be blessed at this special time and always.   Mich x